new feature sun sky atmosphre

I don`t want to spoil the party, but I have some critics about the usage of this new feature.

  • the position of the sun should be in a special range only. There is no feedback of blender when wrong angles are used
  • there is no direct visual feedback of the sun position.
  • I can see, where the sun ray comes from, but I have to think mirror-inverted to guess, where it will go to.

This is not very user friendly and self-explanatory.

yas compliecte for me

My question is whether there is any available matrix so I can arrange the sun in Blender according to world GPS specification and time (year, day, hour). For architecture rendering this is really needed. Thank you

Hmm i think this can be done with a small python script as well.
specify north, time/date and geographic position and let the script calculate the suns position and angle. Include a scale slider to fit it to the scene and we´r done.
Maybe some feature for day/night cycle animation would be nice too.