New feature: topic thumbnail selector

Sorry I had misscopypasted the link, it’s ok now

I just tried your link and it worked on first try. Just making sure - after selecting another thumbnail, did you save the change with the blue checkmark button?

Yes I did checked this checkmark :confused: (I’ve even tried the whole process twice)

By the way I saw you changed it for me and it’s ok know :+1: thanks

Do you want me to try another thumbnail change in order to try to reproduce / debug ?

Yeah, please do. Which Chrome version are you on? Is it latest/stable?

So, I tried again and it worked two times, sorry I couldn’t reproduce.

By the way, the first two time I tried when it did’nt work, the whole editing part (Title + Tags + Select thumbnail button) didn’t disappear on clicking the blue Checkmark button.
It just remained open.

But when it worked, it instantly disappear on clicking the Checkmark, and got back to “classic” display

[EDIT] Chrome is Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit) stable

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Hmm, next time this happens, could you open your browser’s console and make a screenshot of any error messages that appear at the bottom?

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Doesn’t work with stable Firefox Quantum ver. 69.03. either. I’ve disabled all plugins but to no avail.
I hope that this could be fixed - I’m not a fan of Chrome. Any chance for new Portfolio Category?

Do you see any errors in the console?

This is off-topic here :wink:

Checked my console info - no errors. Finally made it work (partly) in Opera 58. Partly, because I had to have 3 or more uploaded pictures to do that. Doesn’t work, when there are only 2 to choose from :confused:

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So you’re saying that if there are only two images in a topic, the selector does not work?

Exactly - at least for me. And this offers a kind of solution - upload one more for each “set” :wink:

Great, I’ll look if I can reproduce that across browsers tomorrow. If that is the case, we have a solid bug report to file. Thanks!

Uh, is there a reason why I can’t select my own profile picture as my portfolio thread’s thumbnail (??)

Is that perhaps intentional as to avoid confusion (?)

If you want your profile picture to show up, you’ll have to upload it as an image to your topic.

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I did. My profile picture in in my thread.

However I can select any other picture in that thread, except my profile picture one :frowning:

P.S It’s not a time_delay thing, already experimented with that.

I moved your posts into the correct topic. How many images are in your topic? Do you see any error messages or similar behavior as described above?

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Yeah I realized that last night in bed, but I couldn’t do anything about it, lol.

Ok, I really hope you believe me but… I just tried it again & now it works (I SWEAR It didn’t work when I tried it 6x yesterday)


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About the thumbnail selector my bug was that the check mark didn’t work (but I didn’t screen the console, that day …)

I just came into another similar case : I could not open any of the topics in news feed, mouse click just didn’t do anything.
Here is the console :

Please note that this error appeared each time I clicked , when trying to open a topic.
After page reload it was ok.

Here comes the tricky part : this errors still happens everywhere. Even when all BA features are working, the console error stack is full of this error :

position-observer.js:143 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'frameElement' of null
    at V.getTargetRect (position-observer.js:143)
    at position-observer.js:100
    at (observable.js:81)
    at position-observer.js:69
    at c (rate-limit.js:39)
    at d (rate-limit.js:49)

Here is the traceback when I’m writting in this specific topic : (have the same error)

By the way, the file generating the error at line 143 is this one

Hope it will help !
See you :slight_smile: ++

[EDIT] Please note that I’m not on the same machine than last day, so it might be specific to Ubuntu
For above screenshots I’m on Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit) running under Ubuntu 18.04

I posted this report on Meta:

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I couldn’t set a thumbnail for my topic. There was none. I had to upload a new file and set that to a thumbnail. Only then I was able to change it back to an old image. There’s also an option to set a youtube video as a thumbnail but that doesn’t seem to work.
Also editing old thumbnails can bump a topic.