New features in NLA; walkcycles are now *much* easier

Hi. A few days ago ton committed these cool new features:

In a word, walk cycles now now be animated in a very easy and intuitive manner, by simply, well, having the character walk forward. Assigning an “offset” bone (not at all like stride, I used a hip IK controller and it worked perfectly, no need to do anything special :slight_smile: ) and pressing Hold, setting the repeat settings, and voila!

Also there’s some fancy stuff with new Action Modifiers, see the example .blends linked to in that commit log for more info. :slight_smile:

[Edit] Oh I forgot to mention. . .absolutely no slippage! none! nada! not even if you use the new action modifier system for making the character walk along a curve! :slight_smile: (again, see the example .blends in the commit).

COOL! Something that animation dummies can use! :smiley:

useful…that will be useful…

Ok Now How Do I Get This Feature Into Blender?

You can download a Windows CVS build from here
(it might not download properly with I.E.)


it seems to be in french but i only know latin right now

seiously how do i get this to work

Rankn67, try
Here you can download the latest blender cvs test builds, thanks to those nice people that compile it for dummy’s like me.

Hey, great news!
Since I need to animate a walkcycle with my new model I’m very interested in this. I already tried a stride bone setup but that didn’t work well.
But is there anything I have to pay attention to? 'Cause I downloaded the examples and they work fine but when I assign an offset bone in my armature, nothing happens. When I parent the armature to a path the feet slip over the floor and without path the walkcycle plays and then starts at the same point again.
I’m getting kind of desperate cause it’s a project for school and I don’t have much time left, so any help would be great.


I managed to get it to work roughly, here is the result:

you can see my problem now, why does the armature rise a little after the first cycle is complete? (the topmost bone is the offset bone) I have no idea, I already tried everything I can think of to solve this without success.

Here’s my blend:


To modify the existing mancandy walk with an Action modifier, first, starting in frame one (just to be on the safe side) add a Curve Path.

Snap the cursor to the mancandy object center, and snap the Curve path to the Cursor. Then go into edit mode on the Curve and make sure that the starting tip of the Curve path is snapped to that same spot. The curve path has a little arrow pattern on it showing the direction it goes. So basically the object center of the curve path needs to be at the starting end of the curve path, and it needs to be at the same point as the object center of the mancandy armature.

Now, in edit mode, without moving that starting point, scale the curve up and shape it to make a nice easy curved path extending out in front of Mancandy. Go back into object mode.

In the NLA editor, select one of the strips, so that it turns yellow. Open the transform properties.

Click Add Modifier. In Chan: write “torso”. That’s the torso bone. In Ob: Write Curve.

Click Add Modifier again. In Chan write “foot.L” that’s the foot.L bone. In Ob add Curve. This will make the left foot follow the same curve as the torso. You could make it follow a different curve if you wanted.

Click Add Modifier again and add a modifier using the same curve to “foot.R”.

Do exactly the same for the other strips in the NLA Editor. (Obviously you could add different Modifiers for each strip, and also different Curves for each bone).

This is separate from setting up the walk cycles themselves, which I have not yet looked at.


Dear Blender-Users, i am new to blender and can´t find the button to switch the NLA Editor to NLA-Modus (any ikon shows different images nearly every 5 secconds, maybe my blender-installation is wrong)… i tried a few different tutorials, but always this was the ending point with no alternatives and no success…

If somebody has an idea to solv this?!

To switch between Action mode and NLA mode in the NLA Editor, toggle the little icon between the Action (drowning man/shark attack) icon and the NLA (three horizontal strips) icon. The icon to toggle is in the area on the left, above the list of channels, next to the name of the armature. You can only toggle between these modes when there are action strips in the NLA (it’s not meaningful otherwise). You can add a strip by pressing Shift+A, if you have some actions created.

If your icons are flickering when no animation is playing, there there might be something wrong (sometimes some things flicker while animations are playing with Alt-A, but this shouldn’t be a big source of confusion). Icons shouldn’t be changing every five seconds, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Rankn67, dude, easy on the caps.

Sounds like a possible video card problem.

Do you have an ATI card ?

If so, this thread might help :


o and about the caps, when ever yoou used to use caps it would usually just add a capitol letter to the begingin of each word but it doenstn anymore

**deleted post **

I get the same thing, and I filed a bug report, so we’ll see what Ton has to say :slight_smile:


I’ve managed to create an armature with a walk cycle working fine. I’m not having the rise after the first cycle problem.

I’ve also managed to add action modifiers to the Mancandy actions, as I mentioned. Those work fine.

However, I haven’t gotten the modifiers working with my own armature/walk cycle yet. I’m having the same problem Mike_S was having with the bone responding wrongly to the curve.

The fact that the mancandy rig is working fine with this tells me that there’s a way to fix it, but I haven’t figured out what it is. Gotta look more closely at the bone angles.

the walk cycle is just a 15 minute job rushed so ton could have something to play with- no bug hiding intended. haven’t seen that rise you mentioned either- there were some glitches between different strips, but I think those have been resolved…