new female charactor

(lerpiedood) #1

After two days of work this is what I got. I still have to make the ears then I will connect the head to the body, and I also need to make the hands and work on the feet.

here is the head

and here is the body

(Alltaken) #2

bit skinny

but really nice

(beatabix) #3

the body is a really nice looking model.
the head… well, basically, isn’t.

it might just be the render. do a render with the head at the same scale as the body, might answer a few issues as to what is wrong with the head.

(lerpiedood) #4

I don’t know exactly why you think the head looks odd, maybe its because the iris of the eyes is purple, and the skin texture is different then the body, also the camera is a bit down which cause the head to look oversized.

(digitalSlav) #5

the head looks off cause the eyes go all the way to the side of the head… should be some room left in there and the top of the head protrudes a bit much. although some of this could be funky camera issues.

(lerpiedood) #6

Well I made the eyes blue and moved the camera up. So here is a different view.

(DreamMaster) #7

Umm… hope you don’t mind me critizing ya… it might help ya.

  • forehead… brain area is too large
  • eyes are too large
  • try put the head with the body and see what’s wrong (you don’t have to put them together yet… just put it top of the body)
  • lips bother me a bit… it almost looks like she has overbite problem. Shouldn’t be a big deal to fix it abit.

Good job :slight_smile: Head modeling is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY fun! Right? :smiley: 8)

(blengine) #8

joan of arc tutorial?? those blueprints are baaaad! if u set those joan tutorial blueprints up next to REAL female bloueprints, youll see how wack they are! i mean, shes way too skinny for all her organs to fit in that lil body area, lol its just like her spine covered by skin, haha sick

and the blueprint/model body height is way stretched out… too tall, especially in stomach area, thats an easy fix though =)
your modeling is perfect compared to the blueprints, just bad blueprints…

sorry if im harsh, i just really hate that tutorial =D

and in an off chance u didnt use that tutorial or blueprints, sorry =) it looks exactly like the joan though. and the joan blueprints make her look like a monkey, lol 8)

your modeling is great though, very smooth

(lerpiedood) #9

yes I used the joan tutorial, it was my first body and I was trying out the technique. for my next body I’m gonna use some reference images from

(lerpiedood) #10

Well I added the ears and rendered GI with Blender’s radiosity

(BetaParticl) #11

Its looking good, and the GI helps soften some of the shine that came up in the early renders.
Some comments:
The nose, lips and chin are excelent, althought the lips might be relaxed a bit. They seem tense, which is a good sign, because they look like tight lips, not bad lips.
The ears are very good as well, but they look like they are inset into the head, sorta tucked under the front of the face. Don’t know if its the lighting, but you may want to look into it.
The biggest thing I notice is that the eyes seem to wide, especially the outside corners. Those corners look like they could come forward a bit. This may be a result of your reference material.
The final thing is that the top of the head is to round, looks kinda dome like, try flattening the forehead a bit to see if it looks any better. Adding hair would probably help this alot, since women aren’t usually bald and it looks funny on its own sometimes.
Keep up the good work, I’m going to try to post some of mine soon (I hope)


(bmax) #12

brain volume is TOO LARGE!!! and her head is too round…betaparticl’s right.

(Zion3D) #13

Try making the eyes 5/8 of the current size, you’ll see what’s wrong, the forehead is too large.

Also try giving her the eyebrow “muscles”.

Anyway it looks pretty good.

(luckybreak) #14

Just curious imgranpaboy, with the proportionaly challenged joan tute is it more than the wack shape that gets to you? should aspects of the modeling style be avoided?

Y’see, I’ve spent most of this year creating unsatisfactory heads partly because I was using the wrong technique on the mouth.
I was stacking the polygons like brickwork(one atop the other), instead of getting that “C” shaped ring of polyies round the mouth -that you see in alot of good models (its “O” shaped once mirrored).
One glance at the The Joan tute showed me what I was doing wrong, so I plan to work from that tute - working to my own proportions of course (not literaly).