New Female Head Model

I’ve got back into 3D modeling after taking a break while waiting for ver. 2.40 to come out. Which it has! Yay! :smiley:
This is the mesh that I’m currently working on, and I’d like some feedback about it. The 1st pic is how the 12/20 cvs version of Blender 2.40 renders my model, and the 2nd pic is using the official 2.40:

What happened between the two? The only thing I did was load my model, and save the render in both versions. No changes to the mesh were made between pictures. Why is the lighting so vastly different?

At first I couldn’t decide between Toon Style, and mostly real. This is from the latter. I’m not going for Photo-realism with her. Somewhere in between Appleseed, and FFVII: Advent Children’s styles. Kind of like a blending of both styles. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Although, when I duplicated, and mirrored its’ X axis, the 2 halves of the face didn’t match up. One was futher back/in the darkness than the other side. %|

Looks good so far.

I do have several comments though:

1.) Fix your link, does not go directly to the image, though its not that big of a hassle to take out the .th in it

2.) Post a Wireframe so we can critic topology, and improve the overall flow of the model.

Model Specific:

1.)Might want to work on the creases in the eyes and lips (i.e. there are no creases in the corner of the eyes). The lips look good, but they need to be tweaked a little bit so that the bottom lip flows into the upper lip (i.e. no triangles for connection, a smooth flow of quads from bottom to upper).

2.)I would suggest modifying the cross section of the nose. Right now the broad area going into the raised portion looks unnatural.

Overall its a nice model though.

Thanks. Glad to know I’m not barking up the wrong tree. :smiley:

Done. I was kinda tired after getting to the point in the picture, so I wasn’t at the top of my game.

Alrighty. Here it is:

Yes, I know that part looks harsh, but it just seems to be like that no matter what. Maybe it’s the lightning which went especially wonky between the beta, and the official 2.40. As you can probably see in the wireframe. There are no tri’s making up that portion of the face. It’s all quads. I try hard not to have any tri’s unless there’s no other way around it. It’s a last resort move. :frowning:

That’s actually symptomatic of the entire face. I made the right half 1st, then dulicated, and rotated that on the X axis. Then “sewed” them together. I’ve tried to fix the problem of one side being a little higher, or out of sync with the other. Yet, some things of it remain. :frowning:

Thanks. At least, I’mon the right path. Instead of working for weeks on something that just keeps getting worse. :frowning:

Ok, now I can deliver some specific crits.

Overall the topology is very good. The loops seem to be very close to what they should be.

First off, the largest loop around the mouth should hook into the nose above the nostrils/flare out. This creats the appearance of the Jowl (Sp?) or the line that separates the cheek from the oral area.

Like I said, overall topology is good, however the loops seem a little isolated to me. They need to somewhat flow together, as every muscle (almost) that you move on your face moves something somewhere else as well. Think about smiling- though your moving your lips, the corners of your eyes go up, and the entire eye opening in general gets thinner. With this example you can see that some of the loops from the eyes need to be influence by some of the loops from the mouth.

On your issue of mirroring half of the face- You are aware of the ‘Mirror’ modifier in 2.4 correct? Just apply it to half the face and it edits the other half as you edit. When done, just click apply, merge any unmerged vertices, correct normals if thats a problem, and your finished (takes about 30 seconds to do what I just said).

Keep up the good work, and just keep hacking at it. Its the only way to get better!

Great. I was hoping my topology was right. Or at least, on the rioght path to becoming right/correct. Yes, I noticed the seperating loops after you pointed it out. So, I’ve been working on that, and how’s this wire look?
At least the right half, 'cause I’ve been thinking that once I get the right half done, hack off the left. Then try out that mirroring technique mentioned below again. Since the official version came out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I tried that one in the CVS version a week ago, but after I pushed apply. The newly created mesh half wasn’t selectable. I couldn’t move it at all. For the final few adjustments. :frowning:

Thanks for the kind words, and the direct points. In fact, I have been working at the face, and I hope it HAS gotten better. Seems like it from the wireframe. Here’s the render of the above wireframe.

I recently scrapped the above mesh I was working on, 'cause I had started off wrong. Causing the facial features to balloon out when I welded the left half to the right. :frowning:

I was able to salvage my lighting & camera rigs as well as the materials/textures from the one above. :slight_smile:

I went back, and started off “right” this time, and already I think it looks much better. What does everyone else think?

Front view:
Diagonal Right view: