New file with exact duplicate settings doesn't render as original did

Hello, new here. I have a very simple animation, using just a plane with an image as texture and an animated sphere moving over it. I have rendered several animations using this file before, but this time the render is blank. I’ve gone through all of the settings and they are identical to the successful renders. Everything looks and plays fine in the 3D view, but I can’t seem to crack what has happened to the render. Any ideas?

Yeah, I think something might be wrong…

I’ve thought of copying the sphere animation back into the original file (or a copy of it) to see if that does the trick. Is there a way to copy an animation thread?

If you want to drag and drop your misbehaving .blend file into a reply here we can take a look (if it’s small enough which it sounds like it is).

I tried to put my file here, but got a new message that new users can’t do that