New First Person Shooter - (work in progress)

Hi I’ve just started a new FPS project in blender so i would accept any suggestions and opinions on how to improve things. I will upload updates as I progress with this game up until when I release it.

First test here:

Looks great, maybe make the smoke less visible? also a headshot system could be cool. a better muzzle flash texture could look nice.
i’ve done a muzzle flare tutorial for bge here if you want to have a look.
It randomizes muzzle flash rotation and scaling so its constantly changing even when you hold down the mouse button.
I’ve also got a fog tutorial if thats of any use to you, it might suit the environment!
good luck :D!

I would definitely add a HUD as soon as possible. If you are not in a position to do that right now, would it be all right if you uploaded the file and I added a HUD to it?

Who doesn’t love FPS! From a pure FPS perspective you have your game setup more than half done. Keep it up and let us shoot something. Remember: no windows only stuff :smiley:

The Physics calculation shoot up when you shoot those crates… Are you using triangle mesh for collision bounds on them… if so… I would suggest to change them to box collision bounds…

Btw thats a good starting setup… keep the updates coming… :slight_smile:

Yeah i guess the smoke is too visible now i look back at it and the muzzle flash is a problem, anyway i was already thinking of adding a head shot system so hopefully i will have it for the next update. But yeah thanks for the advice and feed back :smiley:

Thanks for all of the feedback guys! :D, also i am currently in the process of adding in a head shot system and improving the shooting effects so be sure to see my next update!