New FK_IK switch technique

One more rigging research. Just a first test of new FK IK switch attitude.

Mainly I have focused to over come all possible dependencies.

It has no jumps of FK and FK controllers, in FK mode IK controllers follow, in IK mode FK ones follow automaticaly.

It is based on separate FK and IK rig. They are connected by external IPO drivers (see cubes in Layer 2). For keying you just have to use Visual keys (I do not know why but Blender has some difficulty to key visual keys in auto key mode).
Old know problem, sometimes you have to go on frame forward and back for update.

Sorry no squash and stretch yet.

I hope that someday someone will find really final and animator friendly solution for FK/IK switch. It seems to me that Nathan`s solution in simple biped rig is maybe most appropriate still when you learn how to use FK IK switch using visual keys.

Looking forward to all comment and improvements.


FK doesn’t seem to work like I expect. If it needs any special instructions, then this isn’t a very good solution. Previous fk/ik sliders can just use squared curves, right?

I updated the file a little bid. Added third deform armature as Bassam has posted on his blog when explaining possible inspiration from Maya.

bmud, you have to use visual keying as has been described in some other threads concerning FK IK switches animating. E.g.:

Regarding proper updated when you switch sometimes you need to go one frame forward. This is a problem in Blender well known by developers and will be fixed someday. BUt in fact this does not cause such a problem because animators in fact have to move some frame forward when animating the switch anyway. So Blender will updated by the same.

I am trying to add IK solver to IK part of the rig. But Blender unfortunately has started to crash :-(((((