New Flash! Canned hunting banned in SA

Finally, canned hunting has been illegalised in South Africa. Up to now, it has been a multi million dollar industry, but thank God, (the right politician must have has been bribed :rolleyes: ) canned hunting is now illegal here.

There’s nothing as painfull as to watch some fat tourist bragging about his lion hunt, when the lion was kept in a small camp and simply shot dead. Of course, the hunter also got his own native tracker, just in case he’s totally blind and can’t actually see the lion in the empty little camp.

One of the practical issues now is, what to do with all the animals, bread for hunting purposes only. Apparently, many will go to zoos and the rest will propably be killed off.

One of the practical issues now is, what to do with all the animals, bread for hunting purposes only.

Some will probably be sold for pets…:eek:

others will go to local zoo’s, and some will be sold to zoo’s around the world.

The rest will sadly be dog food most likely…:no:

or pancakes… :wink:

mmmm… pancakes.

Wow! I didn’t realise what this thread was about at first (hunting cans?), but, I’m glad they outlawed it finally. It would be nice if some of the animals could be re-wilded, but that takes time, space and money. Shooting lions in a cage for brag value, disgusting.

The animals could never be re-wilded, because they were bread in captivity, thus they have never experienced the wild.

I could never understand what would make anyone feel good about shooting an animal in captivity. Its more like an execution, why feel good about it?

The bragging rights are about being able to pull the trigger, if you ask me. Nothing more to it. Good thing they stopped the practice :yes:

Don’t you mean “News Flash”?

Oh, and of course, I’m against killing any animal, unless you plan to eat it (then I would encourage it), so I think it’s a good development.

Oops, OK News Flash.
The only reason I bothered to post it here was, because I did not actually expect our government to bother with the isue. There was no public lobbying/protests or anything on the isue here. Add to that the fact that it is a multi-million dollar industry here. I’m pleasantly surprised some minister decided to do his work, just for the sake of it.
Our members of parliament are known to be particularly lazy. A few years ago, we actually had to pass legislation to force them to attend parliament, for fuck sake! And our parliament is only in sitting for less than 6 months a year. This only happened after members of the public that attend parliament got pissed off, since parliament was always empty.

Anyway, there huge salaries are obviously about to be increased once again. Yesterday, I got notice that my property tax rates has increased by 300%, effective immediately! I have not seen a street cleaner ever since I lived here, sewrage is paid for seperately, and so is household garbage collection. I’m not able to think of one single service provided for this tax! Bastard!!!

OK, now I got it out :slight_smile:

Man that sucks, I was planning on going lion hunting this weekend. lol, just kidding, I though lions were endangered and you could’nt hunt them, in TX we can’t hunt most of the animals here, all we can really hunt is deer, turkeys, doves, quail and I guess that’s it. It’s illegal to kill crows, coyotes (even though we do) and mocking birds. I getting sick of all them dang birds we have, we need somethin’ more than these dark colored birds always flyin’ around, we need parrots or something.
Anyway, I think it’s great that they passes that law. I too thought it was about hunting cans too at first lol.


Wait… 300% !!!
That can’t be legal… Do the UN know about this?
At least they actually do something for us with our taxes over here, but that’s ridiculous.

It is legal, unfortunately. The UN has got far worse problems to deal with, like famine war, aids, etc. Who cares for a few middle class whities? Anyway, I was just ranting earlier, such is life…:yes:

Jackblack, do you actually kill coyotes? Why?
Lions are not officially endangered. But they are only roaming free in game reserves basically - at least in southern Africa. Obviously hunting is not allowed there. There is a lot of illegal hunting/poaching happening, but again not too much in southern Africa.