new flatware

some pre-finale renderings.

the knife still gives me some headage because i do not know if i like its shape. blades are difficult to ballance.

what do you think about the hole concept?

it is focused on consumption, in this case also the esthetic of the act of eating. the handle decoration isnt finished yet as well. i am still debating about which design i will select for this collection.


Before you go any further, try to imagine eating with something like that.
If you are “focused on consumption”, I don’t think this style would be very efficient.

If i look back at some of you preciouse work to name the one that i found first, the final result was brilliant but the first question you asked kept us off balance to were you were going.

Rocketman is correct but if you do what you did last time it may just be perfect at the end of the day.

I don’t like the knife much my self, maybe try rotating the blade ninty degrees.

the handles are all differant, so the set doesn’t mah but it depends were you take it :smiley:

keep up the good work