New fluid sim not making particles

I Have ticked all three boxes, baked the fluid then baked the particles and none are generated. See attached file (you need to bake data then bake particles). There are no particles of any discription in the emitter throughout the whole animation.

NoParticlesBaked.blend (773.9 KB)

I didn’t look at the file yet, but the particles should be on the domain object.

I’m not sure how thats related to my post at all. Im not asking where the settings are, I’m saying its not working.

Sorry, I misread your question and thought you couldn’t find the particles on the emitter object.

I had a look at your file and have no clue what went wrong but when I tried to create a new domain object and a new inflow it worked in the same file. Therefore it’s most probably a strange bug or a strange setting with this particular setup. Just redo this setup (as I see it is more a test setup than an actual render project, so remaking it shouldn’t be a problem).

Whilst it is a test setup, and can be redone, that’s not a solution, as there will be nothing different about the re-done sim, so the issue will still manifest. Either there is a bug with the new fluid sim or i have an option wrong. Re-doing it from scratch is not solving a problem (if it even solves), it’s just hoping the problem will go away, and hence not a very scientific solution (especially if the error is me and not the code).

It might be useful if someone who knows what they are doing can make a sim of this kind work with particles and then describe what they did specifically regarding particles which got them to happen, or even just provide a file with the settings already correct so i can just compare settings.

i have the same problem, i don’t know if it’s a software issue. i basically did a simple fire sim, and baked data for the domain. it was showing % status while baking but then when it got to 100% and i tried to play animation, nothing showed!