New Forum Design

Yeps you’ve seen it right,… after abusing the default vBulletin theme for far too long we’ve now managed to complete the redesign of the forum and launch it!

We really love the new design and hope you will enjoy it too :slight_smile:

You will probably notice the nice header image. It is an image by Obiwan_C. We will change the header image periodically. It will always be an image posted on this website.

The main design has been made by Samo Korosec from the froodee design bureau. He also designed many other projects within the Blender Community, like the Blender 2.0 and 2.3 manuals.

The forum template is based on the vBulletin default theme, but has been heavily modified.

Most of the icons are from the famfamfam silk icon set, which is a free set of icons published under the Creative Commons Attribute 2.5 license. Some of the icons have come from the Tango Project, those are also published under the same license.

Future plans
You will notice not all of the links at the top are actually working right now. This is because we’ve got some plans to expand the website. I won’t give a time frame for this right now. But it will be ready, when it’s ready :cool:
One thing we will be doing soon, is re-launching (probably next week).

Though we’ve tried to test the new design on all common platforms & browsers this is almost impossible to do. It is still possible that you actually experience some flaws in the design.
If you think the flaw is an actual bug, please post about it in the website & forum section of this website.

We try to support the following browsers:
Firefox 1.5+
Internet Explorer 6.0+ (though we haven’t tried IE 7, yet)
Opera 9+
Safari 2+

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Great stuff Timothy! It’s about time, but it all looks good.

Welcome to the new everyone.


Cool! Brighter than what we were used to on elysiun, but it’s just a case of getting used to it…

Thumbs up! Crisp design!

Yeah it’s pretty good!
I love this new style.


Yep, it’s pretty sweet. Only complaint is the banner ad I saw right above the dude who posted right above me, but I understand you need to make money somehow, so, while I don’t like it, i’d much rather have a few of those around than no blender forum! Once again, nice work on the forum design.

Coming to look a bit at the new design, I think it’s a bit too confusing. Everything flows together,
since contrast is very low… just my 2 cents. Can’t really seperate things from each other
any more… but maybe I will over time. Who knows…


yeah everything looks really good, and i’m glad to hear the image on the top is going to rotate periodically.
a bit disappointing that the posting options didnt change? being able to use larger fonts, change color, and whats up with sago’s smilies, haha. you guys asked someone to make new ones, he made them and now we got the same old stale smilies :slight_smile: this thing scares me, looks like a mental paitent with too much medication, HAHA!! get the new smilies dude!

but thank you so much for the 600x800 layout size, no more scrolling to read! YES!
overall 4 out of 5 stars, add in sagos smilies (which he worked so hard on!!) and i give it a 5!

I wish the banner ad wasn’t right in the middle of the posts… What was wrong with having them on the top of each page?

Wow, this was a shock to see. It looks great!

all looks really nice…

though all pics that were postet bigger then 600x800 are now cut off on the side … … not nice

also where did the post count and thread cound view count go?

adds in the middle of the forum posts? yikes

but overall very fitting :wink:


Gonna take some getting used to. I would like to see some text size options, and please put the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page as well as at the top!!!

i dont see any adds…then again it is 9:30 in the morning.

i like it. though in atleast this computer it’s on the side so my seat cushion is going to wear out faster on that side…:stuck_out_tongue:

Im using netscape 8, and its working fine! Kudos, love the design.

now to get used to it…

That is a known issue and will be fixed soon.


oh, yeah actually, beside the hang to the left thing, some posts get squashed, and you have to scroll to see them…wuts up with that?

Nice work looks much better now! :slight_smile:

About time!

Nice to see a change but the sheer brightness of the thing is already a little straining on the eyes. Not too fond of the adverts taking the centre of each page either.

Other than that, a lot of nice little details.


like that ! up there, i posted beneath BgDm, and it squashed my post! is this just me?

I don’t see any ads but are these ads from If so then it is my noscript add-on in firefox 2.0 that is blocking it out. Sorry I can’t turn it off if I want it to blocks other google ads elsewhere online.

Yes!! Thank you so much!!!