New forum for artistic show-off

One of my classmates just made a new website, and we have yet to have many people show up on it. I just wanted to spread the word about it, as you can post there, with a seperate section for 3D and hand drawn art. Stop by and drop a line, or a picture. This website is at

The main page hasn’t been updated for awhile, but the forum section is the part I want to point out. There aren’t many posts yet, but maybe that’ll change soon. Hope to see you there!

how can you have 5 seperate ads on one website!? :o :o :o

I wouldn’t even call that a website.
It’s more ads that site. OMG thats horrible!

(And please tell him that)

The ads are because the website is free. He isn’t willing to pay money for it now. Being not even a highschooler and in 8th grade, he doesn’t have a credit card, or for that matter, any money. He just wanted me to get the word out about it. That is the basic mission for this website. His goal is to possibly get more people to go there.

greetz from Milwaukee, Dude. - 1 ad