New FPS art direction(kinda)

Hello fellow blenderers. :slight_smile:

Ive decided to continue my small FPS game, but this time, I was considering using realy life photos of things, and use them in the game engine to create a First Person Shooter. This is the first object(Arm and gun)

First off, I have a question…
Is there a way to be rid of the glow around the gun? It seems that it may be a result of texture filtering or something, but I can’t be quite sure…
Also, i would like some feedback…This isn’t designed to look particularly real, It was just an idea i came up with earlier on today.

Tell me what you think!:smiley:

kinda reminds me of like a 1990’s game like doom or something

and then i thought of what politicians would say… something like school shootings!!! ban all games that have any violence!!

I messed around with this concept quite a bit when I first started with the BGE.

I could never get the lighting effects down, but you can probably do it now with blender materials enabled.

It’s worth a try.

Here, I wrote a mini tut about getting grid of that outline in this thread:

The “halo” you mention is due to a not-quite-perfect alpha map (you didn’t quite manage to erase part of the background). If it really bugs you, you can try going back into Gimp and getting rid of the last little bits.

One thing, though-- as an alpha-mapped object, your gun will sometimes go “behind” other alpha mapped objects, including some which are far away!

LOL Jack Thompson…:rolleyes:

Anyway, it looks really cool. I like the style. Its realistic, but kinda cartoony at the same time.

Yeah, Ive had that experience before…thanks for reminding me, ill be trying to find some kind of workaround.

the problem with sprites is that they’re 2D, so they look fine in screenies, but when they’re in motion in 3d space they look odd (compare a cardbord cutout to a real person). The only fix to this problem I know of is to make a picture of every angle you could see it from, for each frame of their animation and have it change images according to where you are in relation to it.
That, and getting pictures of uncommon things is hard (where’s the last place you’ve seen a space monster?)

As i said, it’s an art direction, so that would be good if it looked odd. I want something unusual.

By odd I mean flat. think doom I+II, wolfenstein3d, most cellphone/palmpilot/GBA “3d” games. Not to say that the style is neccesarily bad, it’s just hard to get good results.

New screen…kinda…

this can be fixed by enabling Alpha test on the gun/arm texture. Alpha test is limited to one-bit alpha (no translucency) but the advantage of alpha test is that it is faster to perform than alpha-blend textures. You can enable alpha-test by enabling teh Z-Trans in the material panel. Then, go into game mode and your arm will be correctly Z-sorted. (make sure you turn on Use Blender material under the game option menu though)

I think the art style is pretty cool. At first I thought the arm and gun were modeled and textured and I was thinking “Sweet”. Using 2-D sprites is an interesting idea though, sorta reminds me of Marathon.

Yes, but unless you’re viewing the game using one of Blender’s anaglyph or other 3d modes (which don’t really work very well) the game is in 2d anyway. Though it is calculated as a 3d object, the screen is actually 2-dimensional. There is no real depth. What I’m trying to say here, is that if you did a really good job, it probably would not be that noticeable, since the final image is 2d anyway.

PlantPerson I think you are missing the point. What Captain Oblivion is talking about is the shading and lighting. When 3-dimentional objects move, thier lighting and specular highlights move and change position on the object. Somthing which you cant get with a flat 2-d sprite, which is VERY noticeable.
Clone dadd, nothing against your idea. I think it is a very cool idea, one of which I have done before in openGL (fly swatting game). Looking forward to the first playable demo!