NEW FPS Template

This template is is intended for people who aren’t good with scripting and is realy easy to use and understand. Works like most fully scriptd templates Ive seen. Check it out! Even if your good at scripting. It works! Good! Download template from the link below. File was too big to upload here. BTW here’s a pic of a zombie for my up and coming game. 2400 poly.

very cool zombie!, and thanks for the template

Hey, I just noticed something with the template.
Space bar is to jump, but if you hold it he floats. :wink:
Also, Doesn’t FPS stand for first person shooter? There was no shooting.
Anyway, thanks for the resource and you hard work!

Shooting would be up to you cooner. If you read the text inside it says its a very basic template. Im not gonna make an intire game for someone,unless they pay more money than you probably have. But heres how you can do it anyway. Parent an empty to the parent FPS Geometry. Add a ray that looks for the property enemy. Have it send a message to your enemy to perform various actions.“You know the animations you make yourself, for each game character” Like run ,jump,etc. Dont’ hurt yourself dude. Joking lol just giving a little back. But yeah if youd like me upload something with a few scripts I altered I can do that. Then you just gotta put them together.
Oh yeah! The space bar lol I was gonna add a timer and forgot before I posted. remember 60 logic tics = 1 second.

Presumably this is for 2.49b? Mouselook doesn’t work in 2.56.

@3dmedieval - What do you mean it doesn’t work in 2.56? That particular script or mouselook in general? I ask because I have it working for me…

Mouselook doesn’t seem to work. I can walk straight and jump, that’s it. I’ll try again, but if it still doesn’t work, it might be something to look into.

Ok, tried again. No mouselook, so I can’t try the rest of the areas. WASD and spacebar work.

Nice zombie by the way. The t-shirt sells it. I love funny (slow) zombies. I have dream to make a zombie slaughterhouse game. Even designed a logo for it…

Yeah sorry medieval it is for 2.49 or 2.48. I added a download with a 2.5 version of my template.

It can be found at same link above.

This is the site were I got the 2.49 version
and there main page

Heres another site with a lot of 2.5 tuts.

Thanks for the compliment! I love zombies lol This should be a decent game when im done. I’ll post a thread when I get a Demo going.

Here ya go medieval same script but altered for 2.5
Just delete the current mouse script and copy and paste this one in.

Heres another one,if the first doesn’t work?

Heres a 2.5 file with mouse script. Now you just gotta add proper logic blocks for basic movement,

Forgot link lol Oh it works. I checked. I have more than one Blender installed lol

I added a link with a 2.5 version of my template. Found at same link above.

Great, works now. Thanks. I may use this in something I’m playing with, credits of course. I’ll need to fix the jump, which is a problem in the demo (the player hangs in the air). I’ve gotten a good jump system working, so I’ll try to remember that. My jump also suspended any movement while the player was in the air, except forward momentum of course, as when people jump, they can’t change direction.

Use it however youd like.Yeah I didn’t realy put to much into the jump. I suppose adding a touch sensor for the directional movements would fix any in air movements. I’d like to see the finished product or Demo some day! Im not to worried about credits but you can add me if youd like. I’m just glad someones getting use out of it. Besides me lol

Ok, sure. I remember now. I added a property “ground” to anything I wanted to be able to jump off of. The jump only worked when the player was touching property ground. So, no re-jumping in the air, or off water etc. Kind of a pain, as you have to assign the property to everything you want to jump off of…