New Free 3dBuzz Blender 2.5 Tutorials - 1st 11 videos (~1h 50m) now available.

:smiley: Just Released for FREE TO DOWNLOAD from 3dBuzz!

From the announcement thread:

Blender Fundamentals: First drop of videos now available to the public

Greetings ladies and gentlemen!
Here is our first batch of videos for the Blender Fundamentals set, in which we explore Blender 2.5! Throughout the first few of these drops, we're going to be focusing on the Blender interface, which got a massive facelift for the 2.5 version.
As we progress, you'll hear me make a lot of references to other 3D packages that I know, so if you're a Maya or 3ds Max person, this should hopefully make your transition a bit easier.

To find out more & to access the video tutorials, head over to 3dBuzz.

always been a fan of 3d buzz, very glad to see blender inclusion in their lessons… but very strange to be the first one to reply on this… expected more from the blender community… and still nothing on blendernation…

I am really starting to love 3DBuzz, but there should be more free ones for blender, especially a few on intermediate and advance topics. Digial Tutors and then 3D Buzz are top on my list, more free blender tutorials and I bet 3Dbuzz will be my No.1 source.

3dbuzz has a lot of free material on other progs, you could learn from that to…

If this turns out anything like as detailed as the rest of their ‚ÄúFundamentals‚ÄĚ courses, there‚Äôll be plenty to look forward to in that regard‚Ķ :smiley:

Thanks in advance for your efforts. The 3D Buzz free lessons that i followed are first class material: exhaustive and very well explaneid.