New free "Autocad LT work-alike, but better" - imports Sketchup -program from IMSI

No, I’m not in any way affliated to them.:wink: Just thought somebody might be interested in this. Amongst all it’s other features: it imports Sketchup, DWG etc. Has most of the features of Autocad LT – and some more besides. And, according to the site, allows you to work just as you would in Autocad
As in sketchup, there are two versions - a free, unrestricted version. And a “Pro” version - with some more bells and whistles. But let them speak for themselves:

"We’re trying to shake up the CAD world. We won’t do that unless we have something special.

DoubleCAD™ XT is a full-powered 2D CAD application – one that you already know how to use – and is free with none of the usual limitations:
We’re not constraining printing, saving, file sizes… we’re not including untimely time-outs… we’re not even constraining the software license – our free DoubleCAD™ XT can be used for unlimited personal and commercial use.
Our hope is that as you need even more power, you’ll consider upgrading to our enhanced DoubleCAD™ XT Pro product or DoubleCAD™ plug-ins as available."

Dunno about you guys, but I’m off to download it. :smiley:

EDIT: Forgot link. Here it is:

Hmm… Windows only?

At present, sadly, yes. Though - I feel - given that their flagship program, Turbocad, supports Macs, it should only be a matter of time.

Perhaps you could try it with Parallels (Have I got that right?)…

I tried it on Wine/Intrepid yesterday… it got installed properly without a fuss… but the interface was not responding to mouse clicks when I tried to run the application.

Anybody got it successfuly working on Linux? Pls share …

// jadhav333

Well this is a gimmick, it just sends me in circles to re send personal data in order to get a link to download…in order to get the chance to re-submit my data, to get another e-mail, etc…etc…

I imagine you could buy it though…I just wanted the free version.

There must be some problem with the server - another guy on the Doublecad forum also complained abot the same thing.I didn’t have any problem, though. The reply is here:

For the DoubleCAD XT Pro 30-day trial version go here:

For the DoubleCAD XT (free version) go here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(You can also get the free version at

I was able to figure out the difference between the pro and free version, I’m not that dense…lol. I will check out

and BTW, the link to the free version is the same one that continually asks me to fill out a form…The form that I filled out 2 times already.

Sorry about that. Did you check your Spam folder? – the download link they sent me had actually gone there.