New free texture library!

My personal collection of textures. I plan to update it regularly. Feel free to use!
I appreciate your feedback.

Looks like a very nice collection, well organized and the site is very clean. Also you made things simple for the licensing Really well appreciated… Thanks!.

Yes, I tried to organize everything as easy and intuitive.
Glad you enjoyed it.
I hope my website will help you in your work.

Great share. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

ugh, is really slow (here at least) today, but I totally have to reply, this is awesome, thanks a lot, Dimitry! :slight_smile:


Best thing ever.

:slight_smile: great, thanks

Looks like a good resource thanks alot.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

very nice. should come in handy

Very nice, on par with CGtextures! (That’s a very big compliment :slight_smile: )

Looks good so far.


Look like very good textures, very well organised with a nice simple website that’s easy to navigate. Perfect.

Nice…I am going to get to making them seamless, and normal mapped…woo hoo…