New free tutorial site

I hope I’m not out of line, but since I’m not looking to sell anything there, I’ll rish it: needs your help, it has a lot of tutorials already. Some might know me from (Frederik Steinmetz). Thanks for visiting/feedback

nice site, is it under building?

I will have to go to this site. Always room to learn more stuff.

Interesting stuff, definitely worth checking out.
Keep it up!

The latest Tutorial:
It’s a detailed description about Depthg of field in the blender compositor, Problems, solutions, tips (40 min)
Thanks for watching.
And yes, it’s still under construction, but most of the stuff now works.

very good tutorials. :wink:

Checked it out briefly and will look at it more. At first look, it might be nice to have a list of the tutorials with pictures of the end product, that way newbies (like me) know what these titles refer to. (For example, I now know what Depth of Field is, but a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be sure. But if you put a picture up showing an example of it, people might more quickly and better get an idea of what the tutorial is about). Can always more tutorials … so thanks for sharing!!

Thanks, good idea. I’m fairly new to joomla, still struggling. Will give it a try though

Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing.