New Free Video Course on Making Animated Film

Hello everyone!

My name is Gustav Nilsson, and I am probably best known for making the “Mastering Drivers in Blender” Training DVD a few years ago. Now I am back with a brand new video course, and this time it is free for everyone!

It is called “How to Make an Animated Film” and my goal with this course is to help make your journey in creating a film on your own as friction-free as possible, even if some, or all, parts of the process are completely out of your comfort zone. I also hope that even if you feel like you already know how to make animated film, you will still find some new perspectives and ideas along the way.

The first videos is up and available to watch on my website and on my YouTube-channel. Be sure to subscribe to stay updated when new parts are released.

I hope you will like it!


Gustav Nilsson


The second video is available to watch, where you will learn how to write a script for your film. I hope you will like it! :slight_smile: Be sure to write any feedback you have down below so future videos can be improved. Thanks!


It was a helpful part to write a script to an animated film. I am making an animated web-series of superheroes.

I’ll surely be watching your videos when a new part is up. Thanks for showing this.

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That is great to hear! Be sure to share your work on your web-series later, it will be fun to see! :slight_smile:

Is the Concept Art part going to come out soon? I’m waiting for it to learn more about making an animated film.

Thanks for asking! The concept art will be split into two parts. My hope is that the first part (~19 minutes) will be up by sunday with the second part (~14 minutes) following the next weekend! :slight_smile:


The next part is now up and available to watch on the site for everyone with premium access! :slight_smile: I sure hope you like it, it has been a lot of work behind it. Please post any questions or comments you might have!


Will it be available for YouTube soon? I’d like to watch it without premium, if you can upload it.

I want to give something extra to the people that choose to support me, so it will be exclusive with premium access (streaming included) for a couple of months (no exact date set). It is a one-time fee for the entire video course/film project if you like my work and want to support it. Thanks for considering.


I am finding the title of thread misleading, atleast till it’s actually free for which no time is set.

Feels like click bait thingy…

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Thanks for the feedback, rjainv! I can absolutely see your point, so here is a date: It will be free for everyone on January 7! :slight_smile:


The customary 10 characters.

The video is now up for everyone to watch! :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you like it!

Be sure to subscribe, and if you would like to, I would really appreciate if you wrote a comment and/or hit the like button!