New from Tangent Animation: Next Gen. Is this Bender?

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I’m not sure what kind of composition the big productions use, but I’m just amateour in this and I feel more comfortable making the composition at the end over resulting images. If you are going to make the composition over rendered resulting images (multi layer EXR), I am not sure if there is much advantage to using only Blender, anyway you should load images and make the composition from scratch.
Natron is a much more specialized program with the ability to load many filters and effects.

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We use nuke at work to make pre-comps in the lighting department. Every time I do, it’s a multi step process. You spend time lighting, rendering and then you have to load up nuke, find/update the footage, arrange nodes, set outputs etc.

With Blender, you just set it up once and it happens automatically every time you render. Not to mention that every time you render in Blender, while adjusting the lighting, you can see the effect of color correction, atmosphere, effects, etc. to me, that’s the main attraction.

I’m sure Natron is nice. I’ve heard it’s patterned after nuke. At the end of th day, just use what feels best for your workflow.

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@Indy_logic, do not be naughty! :disappointed_relieved: :stuck_out_tongue:
Blender and Natron are the two OpenSource, they are friends, not enemies. I am sure that both could be used in different situations and for different purposes.
Sorry for the off topic, just interested in finding some support for the nice people behind Natron who are not going through a good situation.


Thanks to you mentioning Natron (software I’ve never heard of) I just took a look and downloaded it! It’s really great! So thank you, you mentioning it helped support the software! :smile:

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I think you might be misunderstanding me. I’m not saying anything about Natron. Just about the workflow of using Blender compositor.

I’m sure Natron is great. Sorry if you thought I was saying something bad about it.

But like you said, this is off topic. You can message me privately if you need too. :slight_smile:

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while the Blender compositor was built in to blender, we still did compositing in separate files so it really wasn’t that different than opening another program.

Other compositing options were brought up at the start of the production (Natron, Fusion), but in the end it wasn’t the artists choice what software we use. Also a lot of dev time has been put into designing and implementing an asset/shot manager to help automate a lot of the tedious tasks and keep files organized, so having to also implement and manage an addon for two different applications would have been very difficult with a dev team that already has their work cut out for them.

Nuke is insanely powerful and light years ahead of any compositor I’ve ever used. It’s scripting capabilities and ASCII file format allows of unlimited scripting options, You complain about having to do all this stuff in nuke when you could easily script it to automatically build and spit out a comp for you with one button press.

Having a compositor built into blender is currently just a novelty and until it has an overhaul to actually perform like most standard compositing software it will continue just being a novelty.

"Next Gen" is now released on Netflix worldwide, Let me know your thoughts!
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Cool, thanks Justin for that clarification.

Yeah, actually we have this same kind of thing at work. It keeps track of the shots we are working on through Shotgun and lets us know when passes are done. We still have to manually update footage (because sometimes you don’t want it to update the footage) and hook everything up ourselves. But in general, it does help a lot. When we render the pre-comp it automatically goes to the right folder and updates shotgun for us too.

I do see what you’re saying but I think it comes down to a matter of preference. Maybe I’m just lazy but I really like having all that in the scene with the 3D data. . :wink:

I mean, if you’re comparing it to Nuke, Then yes. Of course. But as a useful tool to augment the 3D, in my experience, it’s invaluable. Granted, I have not at all used it in any kind of stressful situation like a full movie (just TV commercials). But in those situations, it helped out a lot. Especially when I just wanted to make a tiny change in the 3D and it would just spit out the end result upon rendering.

P.S. I’m assuming you meant to write ‘Blender’ instead of ‘Nuke’. ;’)

(Justin Goran) #149

I agree having the compositor in blender is very handy in a lot of ways, and I would love to see that grow, but as it stands I don’t find it useful at all

that’s all I was really saying

and yes, I meant blender, I mean, what if they built a compositor into nuke? could you imagine!

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LOL! Now that’s just crazy talk! ;-D

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Among the many, many impressive features of Next Gen, the crowd simulation was something that really caught my eye.

I’d love to hear more about it, including the add-on by Sam Wald and the nParticles technique! I’m aware that Golaem is a massive (excuse the pun!) application, but I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t natively export to Alembic, or did I get that wrong?

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No words… it is just AWESOME!
It is the best animation i´ve watched in many years (graphics and history).
I am happy Blender can accomplish this! Congratulations to all the team involved!

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Really enjoyed it, watched it with my grandson and daughter - really was fun telling them that I always talk about that software, they used it to make this… nuh-uh! Yes ma’am :smiley: They were amazed.

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Much cooler than i had anticipated (storywise) renders i knew looked good just from the trailer. But yeah though it had big hero 6 and irobot themes in there it was distinct enough and the characters also unique and compelling! I also like how they emphasized the papa and mama issues in the movie. Not just some against the crowd person but someone who got their as a result of broken family.

Also I was wondering…was there a hint at some “more than friends” relationship starting between the Mai and the orange haired girl? The girl with orange hair (did she have a name) was the only part i thought that didn’t really suit the movie.

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Watched this last night if only because I knew Blender was used on it. About five minutes in, I totally forgot this was a Blender movie and just enjoyed the flick. Well done!

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@EIDirector , that is exactly how I felt when I was watching Next Gen! I also completely forgot that Blender was used in this movie. It goes to show you about the craft involved in producing this movie. Happy that Blender was used to make this animated feature. :slight_smile:

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@twitchmedia @Goranimation what puzzles me the most about NextGen is this effect:
Was it comped on camera? on external application? on compositor?
If it´s on camera, what was the modifier stack made of? Please? :smiley:

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The 2D effects for the memory sequence (and pretty much all of the 2D overlays for the robot POV’s, as well as the computer screens in sequences like in the factory) were created / composited in After Effects.

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So cool. Thanks for the reply!! :smiley:
Did anyone tried to recreate this effect on the Blender compositor?
or in-camera?
I just wanted to know if there were attempts or a different approach.

YEah, I love the stroboscope effect on the eyes of the robot. At first I thought there
were missing frames. But later I realized the effect was intended. It look amazing on the robot.