New 'From the highchair' kids animation (finally) complete

Phew! This animation has taken forever to finish. I’d say a little over a month!
I went a little nuts with this one. Attempted to learn Blender’s particle system at the same time.
Hopefully you enjoy the extra effort.

P.S. Beware the vengeful fish…

Link to the animation:

And a screen shot. To make the post look pretty:


I watched your animation and I gotta say I am quite moved. Sure it’s not the most impressive I ever seen, its not the best animations, not the best materials, not the best particles and you already know that so I don’t have to tell you. In fact it’s not the best of anything. But what it has is a defined audience and a purpose and that is more than a lot of 3D work I have seen, and done myself for that matter^^

Keep up the good work, keep exploring blender and keep the kids happy =)

Haha, thanks Thurines.

Quite true, it doesn’t have all the polish I’d love to put into it. Unfortunately I’m a team of one and trying to game the YouTube algorithm slightly, which involves pushing one of these animations out at least once a month. And I’m juggling this with a full time job which also requires me to push out a 4 minute animation each month!

Hopefully over time the quality will improve, but for now, as long as it keeps the kids happy, I’ll be happy.

Thanks for the feedback!