New function 2.75 version 2 ( Make Planar Faces ) Example Scenario?

Hi Question about Make Planar Faces blender new function
can you post a scenario when to use make planar or where to use it effectively
thank you very much

From my understanding this is about iteratively flattening out large n-gons in order to avoid shading artefacts when rendering.

did I miss a version here ?
where is it ?

where do u find this new command ?

happy bl

It’s under (Edit mode) Mesh > Clean up > Make Planar Faces and was introduced with 2.75, it seems.

Hmmm… I see that command in Goosberry 2.75, but not the “standard” Blender 2.75…

2.75 version 2
this is for Gooseberry not the official BL 2.75!
I heard there Is supposed to be a 2.75a this week
I thought I miss it ! LOL

happy bl

Perhaps it is for 2.76?

I’m using Blender from buildbot, and Make Planar Faces is there. But it appears to have no visible effect on the selected faces. I would know how to use it and cases where it can be useful.

Guess it is only for NGON faces not Quad
but still usefull

only problem I see is if u make one Ngon flat or co planar
then it might make other connected faces or Quad non co planer!

unless you got only tris !

but have not tested it yet !

happy bl