New Gallery progress

Hey everyone,

the new gallery for elYsiun will be implemented very soon now I’ve got the gallery code up and running on elYsiun and need to make a few changes to the code before it can be put into actual use.

I will most likely open the gallery for testing this week (monday or tuesday) as I work on integrating it in elYsiun. Once that integration is complete the gallery will open for real (expect that to be in the final week of January).

I will report updates on the progress as soon as there is someting to report.


really looking forward to it! thanks for all the hard work

Phenomenal. I’m glad your interest was peaked again.

It is arguable that you saved the Blender community back when NaN went down in flames. You really did. Without such an excellent place to go, the community may have fragmented and died. There would have been no campaign to keep it alive. No really effective interest in buying out the sources.

If this works out like I think it will - generating a true showcase of what artists can accomplish with Blender - and it gets more and more people to try Blender… well, you might be responsible for once again giving Blender 50cc of epi right in the heart. Of course, all of the coders and artists would have something to do with it, too, but they all need somewhere to show off before the tools earn the respect of the artistic and production community at large. And you’re giving it to them.

Thank you!

Cool, thankyou Timothy.

Looking forward to it.


Am afraid a school project interviened with my gallery plannes so I will move them to this thursday,… should go online thursday night orfriday morning.



Started to code the most difficuly section of the new code that has to be added to the coppermine gallery system for it to be able to run on elYsiun.
The code concerned itself with the thumbnail creation process. It took me quite a few hours since I wanted to be able to reuse my code for future projects. Basically instead of writing the single feature needed for the gallery system I ended writing up 6 features :slight_smile:

Anyways the code is ready just needs to be integrated with coppermine which won’t take me long. Tomorrow you guys should have a nice tets gallery to play with!


Coppermine. You just made my day. 8)

That has everything I had been asking for in a gallery system.


Hows the gallery comming along? Its like in that childrens book the emporers new clothes, all posts indicate it should be there, and yet its not, and nobodies mentioned it.

<not meaning to be rude or bug anyone>

Code integration can take a while. My rule is: figure out how many hours it will take, multiply by three, than make that the number of days.

I’ve also gotten the impression that Timothy has some extremely high standards for code quality. He won’t let something out of the box until it’s rock-solid. Or maybe his grandma died. Who knows?

That said, I do prefer Ton’s way of doing things. If he’s going to miss a stated, self-imposed time frame, he pops everyone a note telling them that life intervened and they’re just going to have to wait.

The status is as follows:

The new gallery is on hold, I’ve decided against using coppermine for a gallery system. In perticular now that Sysadmn will continue with hus gallery there is no instant need for a elYsiun gallery.

The reason for me not using coppermine is quite frankly because the coppermine code is pretty bad. It’s pretty difficult to make any proper changes to it and since I (as you have stated) want to write proper code I’ve decided against hacking coppermine into something that will work for elYsiun.
Instead I think it would be fun to write my own gallery software, I have started the design for this together with a housemate of mine,… this could take quite a while though.

Right now I’ve got a free week inwhich I will definately create some cool elYsiun code. I’ve started on my CMS system project again and want to see if I can finish that this week.
Also the knowledge base is high on my priority list, though I will not code that myself.


hey, i think that the gallery page on elysiun should say:

There is currently not a gallery on ElYsiun. But, you can visit the Blender Art Gallery at:

just my 2 cents (dont include that part :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was wondering how Coppermine was going to work out with your current code. I have “hacked” Coppermine to fit my needs, and I would much rather do that than re-invent the wheel… Also… I have a life now that doesn’t allow me to eat dinner in front of my computer like I use too… :slight_smile:

I envy you for having the time to code, these days, I hardly have time to sleep…

I stumbled back into the Blender forum here and realized that there was not a place to display Blender Art, so I decided to throw together a gallery script that I knew worked and “hack” it to what I need.

I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes or win this year’s “PHP Coding Award”. Instead, I just want as much places on the net as possible that showcase some of the Best Blender Art… seems like nobody was doing that…


I Think the Gallery link here should just link straight to Sys’s gallery untill the one for here comes out.

im new here so I guessing its a great Idea =) ? Well it has to be.

wtf. I was hanging around for a while now, and Im disappointed. Gallery will be back soon. well, this Topic is from 2001, now is 2004. well, maybe you are kind of immortal when you speak about 3 years “soon”.

please enlighten me…but where does it say it is dated “2001” ?

If you’re unhappy with the amount of progress being made I would say start your own site and try to put in as much work as we have.

Anyways,… current schedule is 2-3 months


please enlighten me…but where does it say it is dated “2001” ?[/quote]
He probably mistook Timothy’s joined date with the posted date.


please enlighten me…but where does it say it is dated “2001” ?[/quote]
He probably mistook Timothy’s joined date with the posted date.


heh %|

Now that has a nice gallery, how about just droping this gallery thing and start concentrating on integrating elysiun with