New Gallery...

after the troubles with my last gallery i have finally put up a new one, its still very bare with only ~50% up but it will get there.

any comments would be great!

WOW!!! Holy Crappers!

I recommend people check out the ariel tokyo pics in the second gallery link… Amazing… just sheer unadulterated talent and amazingly dripping skill…

LohnC once again shows his amazing CG prowess!

Mmm Hmm :o

no! this is unacceptable, LohnC. Please remove your excellent artwork from your website at once! Your talent is a source of severe envy and…and…and…AWESOME WORK DUDE!! :smiley:

Couldn’t you post just a little of the Trickstyle animation? Anything you have done? It looks great.


Really an awesome looking site you have there.

Excellent work.

So how long have you been blending? How much time do you work on average blending a day? (I’m still in the tutorial reading stage) Hmmm, send some of that talent my way :wink: Where’s the tutorial link?

oh heeeey, nice art you’ve got there and some stuff looks somehow familliar… hmm maybe i’ve seen that before? :stuck_out_tongue:

and now finish TSA… and Cyan Sun… and this dino short… and your F1 entry… and Tropal… and… all your other things you havent finished yet…
the world needs your short movies!!!

maybe it’s better to post that now…
a while ago in msn chat:
<LohnC> hmm, Cyan Sun, if i don’t finish this one i’ll kick myself in the butt =P

mhuaahahahahaaaaaarrr… now everyone knows it and you HAVE to finish Cyan Sun!!!

Wowser! You’ve got some great stuff there!

Very nice :wink:
:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

Logik_Guy :wink:

Smerity falls into a coma screaming “Too much qualityyyyyyyyyy… TOO MUCH! AH!”

Seriously tho! WooooooaaaaaH! That’s some REALLY high quality stuff, and if I don’t say so myself, very very kewl :smiley:

Cyan Sun looks very kewl, even while in an early stage has gigantic amounts of detail seaming from every vertice, and very very bright! Smerity puts on WeirdGlasses (hee-hee, now I have something Weird of my own WeirdHat :D)

And hopefully we’ll be able to get Trickstyle Arena done, I mean, most of the models are there or available, and just gotta get onto animation.

Anyway, I’ll wander around the galleries drooling untill I run out of saliva :wink:

Keep going Lee! And @ndy, I got a suggestion. I do remember that being on MSN, but instead of him kicking himself in the butt if he doesn’t finish it, why doesn’t the whole community help him :wink: (j\k)

Wow, what can i say… Awesome gallery, i wish it were my own!!! I’m most definatly looking forward to your Cyan Sun animation, it looks like its gonna rock!!! :wink: Any hintz as to what the anim is about???

Keep on going, its lookin supa hype!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!