New game character

Yesterday I finished my newest game character, a centaure. A centaur is a beast which is half human and half beast. The centaur has got a big axe, which I still need to remodel. The biggest problem is texturing it, but if I’ve got enough free hours, I will make a texture for it.
The download link is
Bytheway, I made a mistake, it’s not a centaur but a minotaur :smiley:

I think it should be fun when people post there best game character in this topic, just for fun and another people can learn from it, to see how another people modelled a low polygon character.

I don’t know, but isn’t this better suited for like the finished project or wip forums?

err, honestly there should be a realtime q&a forum as well as a realtime wip/finished project forum, but there isn’t really enough of the latter to warrant it.

No new characters from me by the way… yet.

your character looks more like a Minotaur than a Centaur, but he looks cool none the less.

Maybe I’ll get organized and post some of my characters.

Your character is a minotaur, not a centaur, but it still looks awesome. A centaur is a creature that’s half human and half horse, with a waist coming up at the front of the horse’s body.


Looks awesome man, great use of not many polys!

lol looks kool but you need to read up on mythical creatures #538

Oooh, big mistake, I was wrong, it is a minotaurus, and not a centaur, crap.
Maby I will model a centaurus :smiley: but first I need to texture this model.

Snowy duck, what do you mean, you need to read up on mythical creatures?? :-? :stuck_out_tongue: