New Game Coming Soon (TBR3)

Yes im almost complete of a new game that i am making called TBR3 (Turbo Racer 3). As you my know all the games that i created were all deleted because of a power serge that occured in my house:( . the game games included (Brillex, TBR1, TBR2, Sumo Fury 1 and 2 with all had good graphics and i really wanted to show you guys how good they were. BUT Im back with TBR3 coming in the next 2-3 days so stay tuned this is a fun racer

can we have some teaser screenies?

will be looking forward to seeing that one =)

Please blend file for view. Racer? If you can make nice racer game, it the good. Bad (or 1-5 minutes of action) - closed project.

You couldnt wait 2 days to post this?

You know, like when you acually have something to show…

I am working on games too. Whoopydeeedooo!!! Screens or a .blend please.