New game company tactic: Buy the whole game again for exclusive content

There’s quite a bit of complaining on this article about the fact you may only get the Hoth level where you fight Luke if you buy the special boxed edition of the game, in other words you have to buy the whole game again to get everything.

Is that even legal, that pretty much falls into the catagory of cheating the customer out of their money, are they going to try piracy or criminal action next and give you a bunch of busted alpha demo tests in a fancy box that screws up your computer holding it for ransom so you’ll have to pay double the normal retail price for the actual game and for your computer to work again?

They are quickly learning how to nickle and dime from the airline companies for sure.

If it is legal or not, it depends on the laws from each place.
But I risk to say, Yes, it is legal.

If you don´t like, simply don’t buy it.
Game companies want profit. That is why they exist. Their purpose is not to make people happy, it is to make money.

Hey so you think it is normal situation if you buy puzzles and realise that there is one piece missing and to get it you need to buy a special version of the same puzzles again?

Lets not mix the fact that companies wants to earn money and the fact that they cheat on costumer. CD has mentioned airline companies that are cheating on their costumers (at least in EU) charging for baggage, or for using credit card to purchase the tickets online. In this case it is illegal but it seems that airline companies don’t give a f… about that.

And as example: Ryanair, charges you for paying by credit card 5€ per person and per flight. So if you buy two return tickets you are not being charged only 5€, which would make sense since you make only one payment. NO… instead they charge you 20€!! Obviously it is not hard to realise that they do it just to increase the price of the ticket which is cheating still.

i don’t get it? isn’t this the same thing as like buying a game for 360…then a little later it comes out on ps3 with an extra level or something?

same thing happened when gears went to PC?

been going on for a long time lol.

Not the same thing at all. You bought the original game as a complete game. You can buy an additional level to work with it. There is one other level which is an exclusive to the new retail boxed product which is not needed to play either of the other levels. It’s your choice whether you feel having this third installment is the most important thing that you need to have it. Maybe they should give it away free so everyone who bought the original game has the complete set?


Ok I know that it may not be the best example. On the other hand I am not saying that they should give it away for free. They might sell it as a separate product for actual costumers.

Well I personally don’t know why LucasArts will not just offer that level as DLC for maybe a low price or something, that would be more of a fair business move for everyone and like some commentors on GameSpot say, not ‘punishing’ the customers who were the first to buy the game by making them spend more than those who haven’t bought the game yet.

Chimericidol: The airlines actually use illegal business tactics, corporate greed knows no bounds.:eek:

What’s even worse is that these kind of tactics devalue the work of the artists and programmers involved. Gamers soon get cheated enough to believe that new maps and content should be free.


it’s legal, they could just claim the proce was for the new level and as a bonus they are giving buyers a full copy of the game for free. but what you should do is just wait it out, they’ll release it because any money is better than no money. when sales fall off they’ll either relese the single leve as a download or reduce the price. if you bought forza2 and all the downloads it would have cost you about $100 , later they released the platinum version with the full game and every download…for $20. you can bet i’m waiting for forza 3 to go platinum.

the best way to protest is to boycott, hit them in the wallet which is the only thing they care about. if you believe it’s a rip off dont buy, it’s not like they can rip you off without your cooperation, there’s no law that says you must buy it. and skip their next game too. when they can make more money doing the right thing than the wrong thing they’ll do the right thing.

Being an early adopter at anything, not just computer games, and you’ll get shafted with a higher price. Wait a while and the price will generally drop until it ends up in the bargain bins.


Either you’re alone here or everybody but me has very pampering parents…

If you want that extra content you’ll buy the game again (or turn to piracy)… or you didn’t really want it.

downloadable content is a PITA for developers… it often requires a lot of support and outlay to generate extra content, no one wants to pay (much) for it… without it games devs get abuse that they’re not supporting the user base… the whole business model in video games is becoming a stupidly complicated minefield of “micro payments”, subscriptions, downloadable added value, impulse extras blah blah blah…

it’s almost back to the oldschool of the arcade business… pay a small amount for a few minutes of entertainment… make the game offer opportunities to keep taking your money, little by little…

On the other hand i welcome this return to simple methods…
it’s been going on for years that “special” collector editions of stuff gets released to give you a reason to buy the whole thing again…

Lord of the rings special edition dvds re cut with more extras and footage cynically released a few months after the “standard” versions… how many versions of “blade runner” have been released over the years with directors cut… re-masterered… etc etc… downloading the “extras” bits makes no sense for a movie, it artistically needs to be seen in context.

maybe it’s a sign that games are ART that needs to be experienced as a whole… or it’s the only viable way for these guys to make any kind of profit or get any kind of return on investment for this extra content…

People quickly forget the power we have as consumers.

Boycott the software and get your friends to do the same. If enough people are involved, you will be amazed at how quickly they decide to change their ways.

Money is everything to them.

But that almost never works… too many people will be prepared to break your consumer embargo and will just buy anyway!

…of course, the developer doesn’t get ANY cash for second hand sales… so you could express your disgust by waiting and buying that way!

Well either way creating the expansion wasn’t free, they therefore don’t have to give it away.

Their giving it to new buyers cause’ they’ve got a ‘new game’ price tag on an old product - essentially, their paying for an old game worth $15 and an expansion, worth $15.

I’m sure they will probabily sell the expansion alone, or possibly they just expect you to pay the $30 for it.

No doubt CD you’d complain if you bought a drink in the supermarket and the next day they have it on offer as 2for1. They dont suddenly have to start giving away drinks to all their existing customers.

Too bad it was the developers (or was it the publishers?) who foisted this distribution method on us to begin with when no one in particular was asking for such a thing.

It was supposed to allow for more episodic type games and was a sort of an acknowledgment that expansions and sequels might reuse code and some content that most players would already have installed. Somewhere along the way it discovered its ultimate conclusion in the game that ships with nothing unlocked save the bare minimum needed to constitute a playable release. The upcoming Gran Turismo was hinted to be heading in this direction, but people complained and it’s again delayed further…

It’s a bad time to be a completist as well, what with platform exclusive characters and levels in so many games of late. Imagine a movie having different (not extra) scenes or endings depending on the format you bought it in!

I second that. I bought Spore for $50. Then recently I found Spore along with the Creepy and Cute add-on for about $30 or $40. Owners of the Sims 2 went through the same thing. $50 or so for just the base game, then $20 for each expansion pack when I was able to buy Sims 2 plus an expansion for $20.

Software’s a gamble. Anyone who has bought more than a few titles knows that going in. What bugs me is the background of the game. The player kills Vader then sets out to kill Obi Wan? Makes no sense, since it’s common knowledge that Obi Wan died long before Vader.