new game controls

Hi, I’m having trouble on making my controls. Well, most tutorials show controls of the aswd, wherein if you need to go to the right, you will need to press d then press w, I really want to have the control scheme where when you press w it goes forward, and when a and d your character will automatically face the sides. I tried this and experimented. I made my character follow an empty, but when my character come across some collision like for example, my character comes across a tree, the empty will have no collision with the tree and pass by it and things go awry. if my character doesn’t have any collision or if it has the physics of static, it has no problem but I wouldn’t want that. Any theories or things I don’t know about and should try? Please help!

anyone? please?

I do not quite understand your question. Can you post a blend file and I’ll get back to you with a solution.

Set W on motion with Y axis 0.10, to use A & D to turn left and right, use motion with Z axis rotate (ROT) 0.05 and -0.05