New game! Good modelers needed!

ok i have began a game with blender/ torque game engine. the game will basically be futuristic warhammer 40k type orcs as gladiator type things. it will be online. it will be around 5 vs vs per each round and you basically choose what type of class you want to be (juggernaut(big guy with mini rocket launchers but moves slowly), something like a shoota (a fast moving guy who has two machine guns), and maybe something like an assassin.

what i need is very detailed, nice, good looking models of orcs for the game. if you would like to help just add a comment or pm me. i also wouldn’t mind having someone for textures.

Thanks Loads!

hi, do u have a showcase of older projects u made, like a webbsite? example to my site “”…

Do remember folks, BGE isn’t strong enough for TOO detailed models.

mr_yeahman: sorry man i don’t. If it is because you want to know more about the game or my skill just pm me and we will talk it over.

The Red Hand: sorry if that was unclear. i didnt mean i was using BGE. i am using blender for models and probably skeletons. the game engine i will be using in torque.

i want my models to look something along the lines of this guy.


haha its all good XD

Yey a fellow XD user XD

Now for something more serious… I’m gueesing no on will give you models, unless they’ve allready made them… :frowning:

I might make one.

sweetness. i want them all to be different but there will be 3 kinds. the jugg will be large with lots of armor and maybe a scope on his eye would be a cool little detail. this is an image i would like to imitate (minus the banner on his back and the knife on his leg. i especially want him to have big gloves.

the shoota will be less armored like this (only better graphics. this is just an image i found offline)

the assassin will be very light armored and have a scarf over his mouth. it will be a full suit of armor but it will have a thin look to it. maybe something like this

I like the last one, it reminds me of when my wife wears her viking helmet to bed. :smiley:

great work!

haha thanks mmph. so anyone up to the challenge?

How many polys for these characters?

well im not really ganna say i want it between ?-? but the game should have close to xbox 360 graphics

heres a good example-

hope that helped. thats just what kind of graphics im looking for.

another good example-

if it s not, i would at least learn something?like making game in blender…

well im not paying. this is more of a fun project that hopefully people will download and play. the game will be made in torque so we are not using BGE. all i am using blender for is models and skeles

Are you modeling anything? I dont understand why you dont make them yourself. They are pretty easy to make.

And since you are dong this for fun, why not model you main characters yourself? Just curious

I dont think I would make a model without knowing how many pollys to use. I person could create a super detailed version with so many pollys you couldnt use it.
although I dont know what torque can handle, which is why I asked.
Good luck and be sure to show us the results.

What EXACTLY are YOU going to do? Your asking for models of such great detail and skill. Yet I look back at your old posts and your not even close to the skill level to create these things. Lets take a step back to reality. Why don’t you make this “game” with cubes and spheres. Show us that you can program this to actually work as far as interactions/controls/inventory/life bars or what ever its going to take as far as game play. Then you can start asking for favors on visuals. Show me your skills before asking for mine.


ok thats reasonable. XD. ill bassically b makign the environment and doing all the game works. all i need is the orc models. i understand that you don’t want to help if the game is a dump. ill be working and post some stuff later.


I’m siding with Enriqolonius here. :pHeh, although I’m mainly just a scripter and not really a modeller. Torque itself is a beast, and not at all easy compared to the Blender GE.

I’d like to hear some personal experiences on how you’ll be making this and putting it all together. I have yet to crank some more hours into learning Torque, so I’m curious how previous Blender GE users like Torque and how they’re doing with it.

Jason Lin