new game... help wanted...

Making a game. duh…

its a sword and bow type thing, not a gun thing. it will probably be an open world, rpg-like, adventure game. i know, its a big dream, but i have some dedication to this project (because of past failed projects). i have a basic fight system in the works, a character, enemy, and crucial animations. i don’t know any python, so a coder is what i need most. if you are interested in helping in anyway, just post and tell me.

the character and the enemy were not modeled by me, i just couldn’t bear to make a game with a block character, and i don’t want to actually model anything until i have the game play figured out.

so far, the only people working on it are me (everything but Graphic Design) and DaemonHunter (Graphic Design)


this will be the “general mood” of the game, or you just “forget” to lit your scene?!
Good luck!

I didn’t forget to light it, I just don’t want to do that kind of thing untill gameplay is functional. Once that’s done I will focus of aesthetics and the like. One thing I wwant to figure out is how to change the fog level in different places. I want most of the game to be clear, with a sky and all, but parts to be foggier. If anyone know how that would be tight.

Look for tutorials by a guy named, Social, that’s how I learned to do it.

To make fog, I usually have to use nodes. I got that from a tut from one of the uys that made YoFrankie. I see you beefed up the lighting a little. :slight_smile: It is looking great!

I will ask Social. He probably knows. I was doing it in the world settings tab, I didn’t know there were other ways to do it. Thanks.

I don’t know if anyone is reading this post anymore, but it’s update time.
I have, made the mouse look function on a axis, it was originally only side to side.
We have some concept art happening, an I will post a few pictures soon.

That’s probably all. For now.

Sounds cool keep at it :wink:

Well, what I was trying to say, is that, one barely see what’s in your “scene”!
If you want to “attract” people, it’s better to “show all”…I guess?!

Gamplay movie should be great.

Alright, that makes sense. The world map is being worked on, so I can show some flashy pictures soon hopefully. One thing I was wondering, does anybody know of a fairly simple inventory python script? Or template? Or something? It is something I’m strugling with.

The new third person template will have a inventory. Just be patient…

i will help

does this look good enough to be in your game


Cairnc- that looks great. Did you model and texture them yourself?
One thing that would be extremely helpful is someone who can model buildings.

Update time. Oh boy, that’s my favorite.

Soo, Ive been working on an inventory and health system, and DaemonHunter is working on some sweet concept art. I’m going out of town, but should be able to post some cool pictures and screenshots soon.

Help is still wanted, mostly with python or with modelling. However, please comment with suggestions whether you want to help of not.

Looks very interesting, like the story concept very much, could evolve into quite a good world. I would like to contribute if youre interested. I’l post some concept art, pictures of modells, scenery, and latest (very noobish) blend of an fps i’ve been woking on soon. I’m not the most experienced blender but could conribute some art, and hopefully learn a lot.

i would be quite interested in your help. please post some pictures, and i will pm you about what i need help with.

also, i have a problem. my mouselook script, although pretty good, is a little funky. it has a vertical cap, but when i move it quickly, the camera will keep moving after the mouse stops, as if it had momentum, and it will just ignore the cap and keep going. i need help fixing this. also, i need to change it so that it only rotates when the right mouse it being held down, and i dont know how to do this.

so its been a while since i have updated this, mostly because its summer and i haven’t been doing a lot with it, but here is a playable demo. there really isnt anything to do just yet, but it gives you a small idea of what i will feel like.

please, give me some constructive feedback.

oh yeah, WAD to move, mouselook, left and right click are attacks, hold E to run, and C is change weapons.