new game help

I am reaching out to this forum for help on an FPS horror game, it is going to have some rpg features. I am right now looking who are intermediate to advance, unless you have already got the basics down. I am in the middle of putting an 80 core server together and will be adding up to an additional 80 for a total of 160 which should help would with rendering complex scenes. If you would like to get a hold of me please by all means email or IM me at [email protected].

I am a noob myself, but I learn quick and I have the resources to make it happen.

I use my laptop a lot for the modeling.

and I use my server equipment for larger scenes and more polygons.

specs of 16 gigs of 15000 ddr3 1866mhz
qudaro fx 3700 graphics card
qx9300 quad core processor
and a vertex 4 ssd

Pics or…