New game idea: volenteers needed

Okay, let me say this first. My strong suit is not animation, but story telling. I can write, And create cool new concepts. One of which I have been working on is a MOBA style game I call: HyperBattle.
The games backstory is simple. There are two generals who believe in two different ways to win a war: brute force, and battle tactics. This game would have the players pick a side and fight for the side they like the best.
Side 1: the Hyper Battle Corps. Don’t get the wrong idea. Commander Heavy and his team aren’t the protagonists… there are none. But his side believes in brute force, and the use of Supers; powers that can evolve and become stronger over time. But they lack coordination, and the ability to fight under any order that isn’t “attack”.
Team 2: the strategic battle initiative. The STU doesn’t have supers, but instead, skill trees, and buffs that make teamwork more powerful. But they lack any true power alone.

I plan for this game to be a very fast paced game, where players create their own character, and choose a side. But I need help. I don’t have any clue how to model, or create games for that matter. I only know how to tell stories, so any help would be great. Let me know if this game idea interests you, and if you would like to make a MOBA…

If your still looking for people I’m good with modeling I can also do animations but not like my animation although I’m getting better at it if you want to see where my skill is at let me know

im good at modeing guns and im also learning on how to texture probaly if you need help pm me we can talk somewhere

Cool. But guns… aren’t on my mind… I was thinking of like 2.5D pixel characters… and weapons that could be designed by the player, and depending on the size, and type… it would be fast, and weak, slow and powerful, etc. The idea is complex, like most games are…