New game (only test)..Jill2

Jill2 -return to hell-
My new game …

Download here

Looks pretty cool, if you would work on it more it could be cool, but yes it’s not suppoused to be nothing more than a test… Going to give it a try.

Once again a fps game with the word “Hell” in the title. That makes 5 game projects (that I know of) with some title association to the word hell. Don’t you think that a more original game title would be better?

As for the game, I really don’t have anything to say. It’s as ordinary as they come as it is now. Nothing special, or new for that matter. (lose the laser, use bullet action.)

yeah no laser and theres no sdl.dll or python24.dll and the skeletons still track to you after they are dead and MAKE THE GUY MOVE FASTER! way faster like 4 times the skeletons too and it will make it way more fun nice textures though and nice gun