New game project/building the team/volunteer/rev share/paid later/3D

Hi everyone, I’m building a team for a new project in development, an Open-World RPG . We are already 15 team members in the team, having this position: 2D artist,3D artist(modeler, architectural), voice acting, localization, digital concept artist, animator(but doesn’t a technical animator in the gaming sector) , and PR(marketing), a full stack developer in the unreal engine also a VFX lead, still me, and an audio services who will make the music.
If you want to make a part of this team, this “volunteer job” can be turned into a paid job after the project will get funding, we can talk about a rev share too.

Most of the team members are beginners and everyone needs a chance to scale up.
If you think you are a concept artist, a developer, a technical animator, lead creative writer, level designer, or another position in this project, and you are agreeing to this “volunteer job” let’s talk.

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Hello gajdacristian1,

If you’re still looking for members for your team, I’d be keen to get involved. Skills I can bring to the table include 3D modelling, Texturing, Rigging & Animation in Blender3D. I also have expereince using game engines such as Unreal and Unity and can help out with level design and implementing gameplay functions.

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Please add me in discord : gacrivastudio#9767 you are a perfect match ,thank you !