New Game Project - Get In And Get Involved!


Hi All,

My Name is Josh. I am embarking upon a Journey to create an Adventure Game.

I am looking for a small group of eager people who love gaming and aspire to add their own creative passion to the gaming industry.

But first, let me tell you a little about myself and the project.


My background is in film and TV. I have used blender and programs like NUKE & After Effects for short and feature films. The most recent of which got into Montreal world film festival and I had the pleasure of watching these films on the big screen in front of a live, paying audience, along with a Q&A with the Director and Producer.

I was the entirety of the VFX department for these films. I self taught myself everything I know, I am very passionate and dedicated to 3D, VFX and games.

Due to the solo nature of my work thus far, my skills are very broad and not specialized. In a sense, I am a jack of all trades.

Anyway, this is a bit about me, if you join the project I’m sure we will get to know each other much better :slight_smile:

So, moving on to the project.


I want to open with the fact that this is not a paid project. This is a passion project. A project for those who want to explore their talents and learn how to work as a team to craft a game they can be proud to have been a part of.

HOWEVER… As I am not one to put all my eggs in one basket, I do have a development budget for this game if we can build a team that has the makings of something special. By this I mean that I have a small sum of savings that I would put towards the project if the project becomes commercially viable. On top of this I also have ideas towards marketing and gaining sponsors. However, I would like to stress that these positions are not paid, and if the game was to develop into something commercially viable and money was to enter the equation, we would discuss new terms and sign legally binding contracts. :slight_smile: But for now lets focus on making a game.

‘Aliens Invade’ (a temporary title I came up with) is a fun, challenging adventure game/plat former.


Two young twins have to fight off an alien invasion using the only weapons their parents allow… Super Soakers, Potato Guns and Water Bombs (Water Balloons). (Non violent, fun side scrolling game (ish))

This project is something I have started in order to learn HOW to make games. I, as do we all, have many grandiose plans and projects waiting on the back burner. This project is designed to be fun, ambitious and challenging but, above all…Realistic!

The Project has project goals and targets that I/we aim to hit and above all, a…DEADLINE!

That being said, goal one is to assemble a team.

I am going to be filling the following roles to the best of my ability:

Writing: Creating the story, characters, dialogue, etc. - Writing is my other hobby. I am an avid writer.

Music & Foley(SFX): I play guitar, drums, piano and compose - I believe I can create a fun and unique score for the game. I have also done Foley & SFX For film so, I have a basic understanding of the process.

General 3D Modelling: I am good enough with blender to create good solid props, crates, barrels, guns, etc etc etc.

VFX: With access to an array of VFX tools I will be exploring, creating effects for the game (such as water sprays, etc - As well as any potential environmental effects).

NOTE: I am a very collaborative person and believe that while assigning positions is important, we should all work together to make anything as good as it can be. These positions are more general positions.

I am looking for passionate people of any level of experience and talent, who want to work towards a finished project they can be proud of.

These are the positions I’m looking for:

Lead Programmer!!!: I know little more then basic expressions and do not wish to learn programming. I want someone to bring their own passion for programming and gaming. To take on a position as the lead programmer.

Lead Character Modeler: Someone with enough skill to create the main characters, aliens, etc…

Lead Animator: Someone with enough Animation skill to create the main animations for those characters -e jumping, firing, ducking, reloading etc…

Lead Texture Artist: Someone who can bring our models to life and bring their passion for texturing to our project.

Anybody who wants to get involved.

Anyone who is interested in adding their creativity to the mix with objects, props etc, as well.

So these are the people I am looking for. Anyone who is looking for a fun project and, almost more importantly, a realistic do-able project, please PM me a bit about yourself and what you are interested in doing.

Thanks a lot,

And I hope to hear from you soon!