New game project!!

I’ve started a new game in blender and I’ve taken a few shots of a Tudor House for use in the game. The main town is based off of what I thought Bree looked like in The Lord of the Rings. Please give me tips on what I can do better.

Sorry about the images. I have to find a way to get them on the web.

I’ve uploaded images but for some reason when I try to add the URL nothing shows up in the post

I was able to see them by copy-pasting the image link, pretty good mate :slight_smile: I guess your aiming for a LotR game, Turin Turambar, eh?

How did you guess?! thanks for the comments!!!

I dont see any links…

I was only about to see one picture, but that house look pretty awesome! Kind of reminds me of a building in the 2nd LotR video game.

LotR games are fun, I wish you good luck on this one. One question though, do you know what genre you are shooting for (RPG, RTS, FPS, Action) ?

Well Turin is a character from “Unfinished Tales” so…

So…? I don’t have much to do with LotR so you might have to finish your sentence. Good luck and reach for that rainbow.
And isn’t peaceful just another word for boring?

My comments?
I’m unable to see any of the screenshots. Are they posted here?
Could you please edit your first post or post a new reply containing a lot of information about your project?

- AniCator

To post screenshots, try uploading them directly to your post using the Attachment tool (below the text box) or go to .

I’m ready that book right now.

Anways, nice house, I like your style!

I’m shooting for an rpg right now.

Just attach them to your post. Scroll down in the “Reply to Thread” window, there’s an “Additional Options” part of the page, which has “Attach Files.” Press the “Manage Attachments” button and a pop up window will appear which lets you upload image files directly to BlenderArtists. Insert the uploaded files into your post using the paperclip icon in the frame of the Message text box.

OK Here are some of the pics of just the house. I added an plane with a UV textured (alpha) fence, and a sidewalk.
I edited the house by extruding the second story and scaling it along the X and Y axis


I also managed to upload one of my other buildings, the town hall.