New Game Project

Ok, so I didn’t want to post this in the WIP section, because it isn’t really a WIP yet, just so you know.

We will on an airplane battle game, and after that, we will make an action game where you rob buildings. We are looking for modelers, texture artists, perhaps a bit of animating.
If we make some money off of this, then each member will be paid by %%. Also, it will be a multiplayer game. And don’t go on saying how n00bish we are, because I know how to do it.
If you would like to help, but don’t have the time or skill, then you can help by donating a few dollars, hosting a server for the multiplayer, or just giving use some critique.

If you are interested in helping, please be at our meeting, at 12:00 pm GMT-6, at our website’s chat page(

Thanks for your help!

P.S: Our website is :wink: I am planning on getting hosting for a proper domain soon.


-mokazon and the Diexon team

mokazon, I just had to say that you really need to improve your website. Its a complete mess and says absolutely nothing about your ‘team’ or the reason for its existence.

I also see it as a cheek to have a ‘competition’ for the story about the ‘airplane battle game’ with the prize of your name in the credits. Can’t yout team figure out an original idea yourselves.


Umm…yeah we did come up with a story. Maybe you should have read the forum? I don’t really have a team yet if you had read it at all. The meeting time has been changed to 12:30 I guess, since I was 15 minutes late, and it wasn’t my fault.

Thanks Mokazon - you have a brilliant thing going on. Sorry I can’t help, but I will sure be checking on your progress. I think that it’s really amazing when blender heads get together to make a game. Look forward to playing the game when you are done!

Thanks for the Thumbs Up, kbot :slight_smile: