New game project

i have given up on tis project sorry for wasting everyones time i guess i got abit big headed

You want people to texture for you. You want people to do concept art for you. You want people to set up the game. Yet, this is YOUR project…?

Im sorry to say it, but you have started this completely wrong. Not only is this your first project, but you have given the people that you expect to help you absolutely no insight to the game except for the fact that it is planned to be an FPS. No models, no gameplay, no story. You can hardly believe that’s the right way to go about asking people to help you. The fact that you want to make money off your first project really doesn’t help at all.

My advice is starting with something smaller. Get to know the capabilities of the BGE (keep in mind, with a bit of passion and dedication, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination). If you are 100% serious about starting this project, I recommend starting it out yourself. Even if you don’t get far, at least show SOME form of evidence that you want this to happen, and by doing so, you are showing that you indeed will help, opposed to everybody doing the work for you, and you taking the credit. Trust me when I say making a game with Blender is a lot harder than it is first thought. I can back this up with numerous failed projects.

Basically what im saying is to either start smaller, or show the people of this amazing forum what you are capable of, and then people might start wanting to help with this project.

Other than that, all the best, and I hope this actually goes somewhere.

Happy new year.


thanks for the response. Right i was thinking maybe a small futuristic arena/gladiator FPS game. Also like i said i followed sagedreads tutorials on youtube and i can’t seem to get it to work. Also the selling of the game was just an idea to get at least some form of payment to anyone who helps. i’m terrible at art which is why i need textures guy and concept art guy cos the best i can do is stickmen or buildings that are extremely out of proportion.

Some images of my first attempt at an FPS (following Sagedreads tutorials)

Stickmen and out of proportion buildings are better than nothing. At least they can show you want this to happen. Like, REALLY want this to happen. Once people can see you are serious, they will be more inclined to help. Hopefully.

Once again, good luck.

thanks dude :smiley: