New Game Renderer?

So I was wondering would be possible to take the blender game engine take the renderer and replace it or adding on to it with something like Ogre(used to make the game torchlight)? If possible(which I’m almost possible it is because they use the same scripting language I believe) or if already done then could you tell me how hard it would be to do. Unfortunately i don’t have a huge knowledge of programming language, but I would love to do it when I learned how.

Is it possible: Yes.
Is it worth it: No.

The BGE (along with Blender) was coded with C++, and is tied in with the modeler software. Unfortunately, it would be far more work than it’s worth to ‘plug in’ another renderer, as it’s not as simple as just ‘plugging in’ a different renderer - many files would have to be rewritten to work with Blender.

In GLSL mode, Blender can render advanced graphics anyway (normal maps, per-pixel lighting, dynamic shadows, projected light textures, GLSL shaders, etc), and it’s gotten better recently thanks to Moguri and Kupoman in the form of better lighting capabilities. If you’re interested in working with Ogre, there’s Python Ogre, which is Ogre, but made to work with Python. Of course, it’s not a game engine (so you would have to handle input, sound, physics, etc. yourself).

Yeah I suppose it’s not(just looked at the page and could have sworn before it said that it supports Opengl 4.0 but I suppose not).