New Game Screenshots

Here are the screenshots of my game, called:

Legends of Antara: The Lost Ocarina
(Leyendas de Antara: La Ocarina Perdida is the original title in spanish)

A demo is almost done now, all the screens you are seeing aren’t static models, they are in-game screenshots :wink: The game is in spanish right now, but when i finish it, i’ll translate it, don’t worry.

BTW, i’m searching someone to make the title logo, if someone’s interested, tell me.

Nice, love the light rays in the window

cool, i like the cell in particular. the guy needs some facial detail though.

Cool, Pepius!!! Hmm, some of the screens are quite dark though. Hehe, no real close shots, but the guy does need some facial detail. Check out how Andy83 modeled his main character for Airdale. Couldn’t really look at the character up close in the game, but if you take a real close look in Blender, you’ll see that the head portion of it was superb (in my opinion).

:stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see your demo. Lol, maybe it’ll help me brush up on my Spanish again. Hehe, what’s it been 4 years, since I finished that last spanish class.

Jason Lin

nice screenshots…
2bad it’s in chinese


  • About the character, it will be remade by another person who really knows how to model well :wink:

  • I’ll make a .txt with the game texts in english, if anyone wants to translate it to another language, please tell me.

  • I need a logo for the game, if anyone wants to help…

  • The demo will be avaiable next friday

Nice effect with the lightrays, although it might have looked better if they were smaller (and more of them)… But that probably would have slowed the game down. I rather like the mood of the dark screenshots. I might be able to translate to German for you.

By the way, what’s the general overview of the game?

nice screenys Pepius,…Yo quiero cerveza gratis! :stuck_out_tongue: that’s hilarious where is this bar??

The demo is 98% finished! I’ll post it tomorrow:

  • Character remade!

  • .txt done!

  • Logo done!

  • Demo avaiable tomorrow!

Cya! :smiley:

Hey, the demo is uploaded! Tell me what do you think. The english isn’t very good, sorry U_U

I hope you like it! :smiley: :smiley:

Btw, the logo is in spanish right now, be patient…

:o Wow, looks great. What version of Blender did you intend to run this on? Cause I ran it on 2.35a and the main character had his feet moving, but I was unable to move anywhere.

Slight comment, the text was scrolling too slowly ( %| Maybe I’m just a little impatient).

Hehe, going to try it out again later. Lol, I did something and it crashed on my labtop. Let’s just say I don’t recommend pressing that little arrow button to the top right when it’s on the first pic.

Jason Lin

does the main character move?

Excellent demo Pepius! It’s a really nice style for an adventure game. Will be looking out for further developments! There are a few bugs I found, but overall it works nicely :slight_smile:

I got stuck trying to open the prison door. That part isn’t translated as well, but you probably knew that :wink:

I used the crowbar by one of the beds to open the prison door ,but then i got stuck in the library room i didnt know how to use the conbination thingy(couldn’t go to the next digit)…still the demo is pretty good. The players movement could be made faster plays real slow on my computer
using 2.34…

2.35 is out friedbrain! Or maybe you meant to say 2.35…

Slow/ish download for me, but that is probably because the server is foreign.

He walks too slow! I lowered friction and he was fine. But you really need to do something about this!

He knows, but if you’re using the game engine you’d know that some things are broken in it. Several people (including me) therefore continue to develop in 2.34.

I’m working in 2.34 right now.

Yeah there are many bugs, so i think i’m going to separate the english and the spanish game in different files.