New game team

I tried this once back in the old .nl days, but it didn’t really work. However, i did make 2 friends (the only ones that stayed and replied to my e-mails) so i figure if this doesn’t work out i still might be able to find some people to talk to…

Well, here’s the deal. I want to start a new game, but have run into some problems (mainly i can’t model that well, and my animation that i made makes my character “bounce” too much.

In my game you will be an evolved ant with futuristic-energy type weapons. I think it’ll probably be a third person shooter, but it may be an adventure and/or FPS as well. I don’t have all the details worked out quite yet, but here’s the models of my characters, modeled by Muteinvert (he’s also helping me a little with this game)

Here’s a list of what i need:
-Modeller(s) (Guns, characters, decorative objects (like rocks and such))
-Modeller(s) (Level design)
-Python Scripter(s)
-Music Creator(s)
-Texture Creator(s)

I’d prefer somebody with a little experience, but i don’t mind somebody new.

If you want in, join and give me your e-mail address (or just e-mail me). My e-mail is [email protected]

Maybe we can compete with BSS :x :wink:


Edit: The img thingy doesn’t seem to want to display my picture, so here’s a link:

your best bet is to learn these things urself. find some friends, learn to draw in 2d and 3d or an art class in highschool. i believe that an artistic mind will help u model better. and maybe at archetectural course in highschool for level design. try recreateing your own house sometime. you should know how to animate…its very easy. creating your own textures is a little harder, but it comes with being a 2d artist. python? ahh… i dont even know that… just learn the possiblities of python and get someone to do the actual script for u… thats what i do. music? u may want to get someone to do that, but its not a big part in a video game. maybe when ur almost ready to release the game u could add in some mood music.

i dont think that teams are efficeint. before the contest, ive never seen a decent game come out of a team. even though there were a few good games that came out of teams, i dont think its worth it… maybe teams of 2 or 3, and no bigger, cuz it just gets unorganized. if u want things done right, u gotta do it urself. making games by urself allows u to go at ur own pace. u know how everything works and u cant blame anyone else for a shtty game. the best blender games undisputedly come from independant game developers.

well these are my opinions… i think teams are a big waste of time (mostly because of bad leaders and bad followers)… but i could be wrong. teams will work if there’s good “chemistry” btwn the team members. well, for most ppl, i suggest going solo. blender has its limits, so dont expect a revolutionary game.

I’ve BEEN making my own games for about 3 years. 4 if you count the time i was messing with RPG Maker, but with blender, 3 years. I thought it might be a fun way to get to know people, and we could make something pretty cool. I’ve had a lot of success working on the project with 1 other person, he models the character, sends it to me. I animate the character, and while i’m doing that he does level design or something. The point is that just because it’s never has succeeded doesn’t mean that it never will. I know i need to take an art class or go through some tutorials, i just haven’t gotten around to it :wink: . You can have a lot of fun working on a team.


The point is that just because it’s never has succeeded doesn’t mean that it never will.

I can give you some examples of teams that have worked, just take a look at the teams that entered games for the blendergames contest and of course my team: BSS :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops! Sorry, i didn’t mean that it’s NEVER happened before, but that it doesn’t happen very often.