New Game WIP

I have not yet chosen the name for this game, it will be a FPS. It will have weapons of today. I plan to model the weapons, characters , levels , misc items in that order. Now on to the first model.

Dragunov: 436 verts, 423 faces.
I should have it textured by today or tomorrow.

C & C welcome.

New weapons are coming soon. I know that it is on set solid i like it that way.

I have modelled lots of weapons… and I think that it has too much vertices…
can I see the wireframe?
I have searched for gun blueprints so much and modelled them that I’m sick of guns… Now I like fantasy swords

yeah it is quite bit iof verts faces ya got there

its nice but has many vertices for a gun :wink: actually im modeling a character and has the same number of verts like your can make very nice details just using textures.

I agree plus your not going to see the whole thing in a fps so might want to cut out a few of those verts. BTW detailed textures make up for the lost verts. It’s my understanding of high end games that textures make the detail not the number of poly’s