New game

(Pooba) #1

I had to redo my site and now it’s with a different host.
This site will eventualy become an archive of blender games and other blender related files.

Meanwhile, download my game and tell me what you think. Controls are W for forward, S for backward, A for turn left, D for turn right, Shift+one of the direction keys for walk, and space for jump.
Go to[/b]

(ineedanewbi) #2

not a bad start…
i dont like your camera though…its a bit stiff

do u know how to set “slow parent”???
if u do …do it…if u dont read

right click your camera
go to animations buttons
near the bottom left…click “SlowPar”
then change the “TimeOffset” to about 30 maybe

this will make ur camera look like its following ur character more fluidly

(Pooba) #3

Thanx Ineedanewbike, i never knew about that feature. It looks a lot nicer.

(Frankfunk) #4

I really liked it! Go here for mine, even though some of you may have already seen it. Mine’s not really a game, just kind of playing around.