New Game

I would like to meet up with some people here who are interested in making a multi player online role playing game which is similar to Everquest but has a lot of different tradeskills and several adjustments.

The game would be in a setting very similar to Everquest.

I would like to see : (to name a few)


I would like to see several races

Human, Half elf, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, and several more

I would like to see the Warrior, Cleric, Ranger, Paladin and on and on

The combat system would be simple. Go up within close range of an enemy, enter combat, you can use special abilities but it is primarily a constant default attack.

The graphics would not be overly advanced (check out EQ1 screenshots)

I would like to see a similar UI as well.

The dungeons would be deep and complex. Some would contain mining areas depending on the type if inhabitants. I have been working on a goblin dungeon which will contain an area which is a mining pit within the cave.

There would be a leveling system which would reward you experience points for killing and questing. There will be a good number of quests but there won’t be any filler quests, only high quality well thought out ones. Experience to reach the maximum level will require a lot of work.

As you level up you will be able to get new skills or spells.

The world will be massive and contain several large cities/villages/settlements of all different races.

Boats will run to connect continents together

There will be tons of different items of varying quality which will become available through advancement by killing stronger enemies. There will be dozens of dungeons and end game content. Several dragons to slay as well as Giants

There will be different gods to worship and you will be able to visit and actually fight them in end game content like Everquest.

The tradeskills system will have tons of recipes. People will have a flourishing economy which will be done through trading with live people. (there wont be any AFK merchant work like the bazaar in EQ or the Auction House in World of warcraft.)

I need to meet up with a lot of people who are interested in this or have a similar vision. If you are interested in this project please let me know. I would really like to meet some people who are interested in this! I have a lot of spare time and an undying determination to make a great game. Thanks!

screams then bursts into flames
sorry for that!
anyway, first, how much experience with blender do you have?
second, do your realize how much you are demanding?
third, you might wanna but an fireproof suit on…

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Just a heads up… Sorry

Or maybe…
You really want to be careful around BlenderArtists dude. Flaming is not encouraged here, but it usually happens. When these people are done with you, you will be a burnt crisp.

Some key elements that are a bit tricky, not impossible mind you, but slightly more difficult.
“Multiplayer”, “Online”, “Role Playing Game”… hmm, that was what you used to describe it wasn’t it?

How much experience do you have?

I do not have that much experience with Blender, but there is a lot more to making a MORPG than just using blender. You have to plan out all of the zones, content in zones, come up with all of the combat mechanics, come up with all the stats, all the quests, all the conversations, all the names, all the maps, all of the items in the game, all of the tradeskill stuff in the game, balance every item that is in the game, and spend hundreds of hours building dungeons which I am very capable of. I can do all of the above. What I can not do right now is the more advanced stuff. The stuff which if given from someone that already knows how to do it, I would be able to copy and apply to whatever was needed.

Theres no reason to flame me, even if it is just joking around. I am not going to come to this forum and make a post just to dilly daddle around and say some crap. I’m not some fool who is trying to stir up trouble or waste time. I came to the forum to ask if people had the same vision that I have and if they would be interested in joining so if anyone is going to flame me just go kill yourself because it is not funny, not acceptable, and frankly it is just a total lack of respect for someone.

I have been working on a dungeon and probably spent about 8 hours on it so far. It is really coming along great. Yes I am still learning. Does this mean that I cant do all the other stuff I mentioned as well as continue to modify my creation? No.

with THAT many posts on this forum you should know better than to act like a troll :no:

Ummmmm… That just did it. There is one massive thing you are forgetting though. It may as well be twice as difficult as the mmorpg. NETWORKING.
Do you have anything to show? Have you used Blender before?

I do not have that much experience with Blender, but there is a lot more to making a MORPG than just using blender.
We know. Do you know C++, Python, and have you ever used any other game engine before?
One thing that is good, however, is that you didn’t go, “OMG ahm making a epic and cr3tive mm0rpg and i gotz to get teem o ppl and we going to wrk. it has spells, qeusts, and it gunna b betta thn runscap. k i need sum1 2 make me a landscappe and sum1 2 do teh npcs and lol yea it gunna rock i cant pay you. you can b a admin or sumthn. kthxbai”
It’s good you did not do that. But you have nothing to show, you seem to have no experience with programming (maybe you do, I don’t know), and you don’t know how we should never make an MMORPG thread or our social status will be ruined forever. Speaking of social, beware of a guy named Social. He will rip you to shreds, but I haven’t seen him lately.

Even if you say you know how much work it will be, you still don’t. You will eventually abandon the project. You have heard of Oblivion, haven’t you? They had a massive team of people, and they started making the game before next-gen consoles existed! And that game isn’t even online!

if your going to make a post like that, remove all traces of “online” and “MMO”. and post screenies. If it’s just a RPG, and you can make low-poly but nice looking enviroments, then you’ll get people who want to help.

Social!!! Please, this is why I love you man!!! Where are you Social!!!
Just in case Social doesn’t show up (And I am being stereotypical, he’s actually a very kind person)

Social-Let’s play a little game. It’s called ‘What Would Social Say?.’ Give it your best shot.

…Does your mommy have a paypal account, Tantalar?

Social said that before, I thought it was hilarious…

I agree.


with THAT many posts on this forum, the man knows what he is talking about.

Well that’s arguable.:rolleyes:

Roz man, I love the avatar! It got me thinking…

I love Google

Ok people, I don’t think we should make fun of tantalar. When I was a noob at blender I thought that if enough time was put in the creation of any game was possible. I’m sure lots of you did too.

Tantalar: I suggest you maybe start out with just a rpg not online and once that is completed move into the networking realm. I’m working on a simple rpg on blender and if it turns out maybe I can help you out with this game.

No no no, I’m not saying don’t be harsh on Tantalar… by all means go ahead. But don’t be a dumbass about it. (oh, while I’m talking about dumbasses, you spelt sure wrong.

[oops] can I say dumbass on this forum? Because there sure is a ton of them here.

Just to note, the best way to not get a team is to say you’re new to Blender, not post screenshots, and expect a full AAA quality game.

Umm… yer… no.

Good luck though… all the best.

P.S: I personally (no need to use my advice) would go and follow any tutorial possible, not necessarily about the GE, but for blender in general, modelling, animating, texturing etc. Then when you think you are ready for the GE, start a SMALL game project to teach yourself even more about the basics, then gradually start getting bigger and better. Through experience in the GE you should figure out that just because making this kind of game IS POSSIBLE, yer… no. If you are deadly serious about this game, start small. Don’t just jump on the forums without any screens or blends of what you are capable of and ask for help. Also you say

Yes I am still learning. Does this mean that I cant do all the other stuff I mentioned as well as continue to modify my creation? No.

Actually, the correct answer is yes. It takes much more than what many people think to create even a simple game. What you are asking for is… honestly… absurd. Thats my 2 cents. Im am in no way trying to be disrespectful or uncool in any way. Hope I haven’t offended you… but…seriously. Sorry, just my personal opinion.



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This might help some of you that are about to flame.

Anyway. Tantalar2. I think you should get some reputation first. If you’re looking for a team that’ll work for you then you can probably forget about that because you’ve got no reputation at all. You told us that you aren’t very experienced with Blender (which usually means you’ve got no experience at all). On top of that, there are plenty of artists looking for a job but you need to be willing to pay. Actually you’ll need to find a publisher that likes your concept and… Talking about this is pointless.

Try asking your friends if they can help you. If they can’t, then I think you should give up or become a good artist, programmer, sound designer, writer, director, producer and manager as soon as possible.

We’re not here to ruin your idea/dream. We’re simply trying to let you realize that it’s not possible.

I’m not going to subscribe to this thread so if you want to talk to me, send a PM.

- AniCator

I’d just like to point out that my earlier post was made without thinking, and I apologize for it.
I would also like to reinforce that I don’t think this is a feasible project; if you are still intent on making it you’d have a much better chance at getting teammates if you present a proof of concept that’s functional to some degree, and some proof that you won’t abandon it partway through. Also, something to motivate teammates would be good- “some fun 'n experience” is not a great selling point…
This has been said before in this thread, but it’s worth repeating. Also, keep in mind that these judgments are based on previous experience, not assumptions about you.

Again, sorry about the flame, and good night.