New game

so I am still around, I’ve just been lurking around. here is a picture of my most recent game, the character and the ground texture are the only things that are moving into the final version, the rest is just place holders.

any thoughts would be nice

I am working on a more linear game than before, because that is more within my grasps of success.

thanks for any help


I’ve been doing the same thing, many of my early projects were far too ambitious to be finished. Best of luck to you for your game!

PS: I’ve been making some CC0 art lately, (Mostly models and textures) so if you want some models I can post them here or make them if I am able to.

I like to make all of my own models and stuff, but thanks, if I feel like I am falling behind I will definitely remember this.

Thanks for the kind words, I will hopefully be adding several things over the next while.

I look forward to seeing the development of your game, keep us updated :slight_smile:

Cool. Every time I see your models they look better. Keep up the good work!