New Gameblender chat channel!

Join for a more refined, “cleaner” professional game blender chat channel!

I’ll be there


i suppose the irony of the fact that YOU are what made #gameblender ‘uncleen’ is totally lost on you eh… since we banned you (for being percistanly and intentionally anoying), theres been little or no trouble at all… your a funny little man… ya know that?

oh… and… how can a chan be ‘professional’ … expecially when your… you know… not pro :wink:

I don’t know how to use irc (:-|). How do I use it?

download an IRC client… everyone wil tell you whats best, and there will rarely be 2 ppl who actually agree with each other, i just use mirc ( coz, frankly… there all prety much the same.

server details = port = 6667 (defult) then just type /join #channame

you can also use x-chat

if you are on a default instal of most desktop linux distributions you probably already have an irc client [mirc is only for windows], however sometimes it is part of another IM client [like gaim]

I am currently online, in case anyone wants to chat.

come one, come all! It’s slowly filling up! In #blendergame , youll all get to be in a friendly atmosphere of help and gameblender talk! Chat with all your friends live! Get faster answers to your questions!!! Find people to help you in your game project!


What doogs says is true!

Why do we need an another Gameblender channel? If you ask to get unbanned on the normal gameblender channel, and behaive as a normal person, you would have the same idea as you now have. Or do you make a selection who may join or not?

Just a question. :-?

That has nothing to do with it. My new channel is devoid of politics, fighting, etc. It’s only about gameblender, and truly that.


You mean like the time you were lecturing TazyTiggy and hmetalcowgirl about marraige? Or what about all the harsh criticisms of other people’s games, while classifying your little demos as “breakthroughs?” (I still have the logs, and so does OOPz.)

Unless you’ve change A LOT since you were banned from #gameblender, any channel with you in it can’t possibly be more “refined,” “cleaner,” or “professional.”

No… he can ask, beg cheat and steal. hes already been let back in at least 10 times, and every time the same BS behavior soon re-surfaces, hes not getting even a smell of another chance untill I can see him not intentionally anoying people on other channels… and even then, im not making any promises

I can certainly understand his position of wanting a game chan where hes not banned… its just a shame he didnt behave in #gameblender dispite the numerous warnings :confused: … all this is doing is diluting the experteese meaning that ppl will often have to check both chans to find an answer.

In defence of #gameblender… yes… we do have political discussions… arguements and various other human discorse, but we operate a policy of STFU if someone is talking about game stuff… also… theres been arguments… but, since we removed doogs, theres been nothing i would considder a fight.

So… if you want to talk exclusivly about blendergames… sure… try #blendergames … if on the other hand… hanging out and chatting is a bit more you style… your always welcome in #gameblender

Also… dont overlook #BlenderQA … its gotta be the most overlooked recource for getting help

giggle That’s a good one! :wink:

I once ate a candy called OOPz… the chocolate melted in my mouth… uh… and it was good! 8)

uh? Okay. anyways join our game chat thanks

ps. note that hmcg is now living with another man


Does that bother you somehow? I don’t think that anybody in here cares about it - so why don’t you just stop that childish behaviour? Or are you trying to bring your weird attitudes to elysiun? Better the moderators close this thread - all has been said and it’s getting ridiculous…

my point is, trying to discredit me and my channel, you guys were trying to say that I was lecturing people. Well, I was correct in my “lecture” because her marriage wasnt solid after all. So thats that.

And all your little politics to try to ruin my channel wont work.

As readers can see, this is why we now have an official alternative to #gameblender … Corrupt authority and complete lack of gameblender topics or #blendergame


Actually… you were lecturing tazy, who is (to my knowlage) still very happy… weve been looking thru the logs lately (for giggles), and this is typicle of your anoying behaviour… cowgirls love life as absolulty nothing to do with you. or… indeed… anyone else on the forum who isnt actyally directly involved… Given that you now full well she hates you talking about anything like this, why do you feel the need to bring it up in the first place!
(thats s rhetorical question… i know why… very simple child psychology)

Keins right… someone close this thread pls… its just going to get worse.

No it wont. Everything’s fine. I’m merely establishing my foundational point as to the new gameblender chat channel being devoid of such political nonsense that ruined it. Come join #blendergame


I notice you still don’t acknowledge that you were the one CAUSING the disruption in #gameblender.

Bringing up hmetalcowgirl’s personal life? That’s a low blow, has shown everyone just how childish and spitefull you can be.

We don’t care about your channel. We DO care about you slandering #gameblender. Especially since you were the cause of the very problems you’re complaining about.