New GameBlender ChatRoom!

(doogs) #1

All GameBlenders,

We (D0oGs, MNME, and MalCanDO) have created on, a channel called #gameBlender – a channel for all of us who use the game engine or want to discuss everything! Finally! Please, come in and chat with us! We’ll try to hold it up until we get more support!


(OOPz) #2

Were on (same place as #BlenderQA and #BlenderChat)

(Pooba) #3

I got on, it said that like 6 people were on, but nobody talked. I slapped them all with a large trout…


(saluk) #4

New irc servers sometimes take a while to warm up. They probably all just left their computers on and forgot to change their nicks, or forgot to check if anyone was talking. Keep checking in or it wont get very far.

(OOPz) #5

yeah… sorry… im spending about 12…14 hours per day in there to try to answer any questions i can… But unfortunalty iv got to sleep too :-?

I would REALLY Appreciate some help answering questions tho… when the do come they come 3 at a time…

(doogs) #6

I say if we’re idling, you idle too until theres activity :wink:

the more the merrier. Please people we need more support! all who wishes to talk about the engine come!


(justin_) #7

Check out my small project Endless_Lands It is in way beta stage and I would appreciate any questions or comments Please email me at:

[email protected]

(saluk) #8

Looks pretty neat, but you forgot to pack your textures. Go to the menu at the top and choose tools-pack data to have all the textures stored in the blend, then save the blend, and all you have to distribute is that file.

Good luck with the project (and especially with the netcode)

By the way, why did you post this under the IRC topic instead of making a new topic?

(blengine) #9

i beleive gameblender has been around since a long time no? i remember going into a game blender irc chatroom like a year or so ago to get some help =D

(justin_) #10

Fixed Texture Problem and file is now ready for download please step over to site and redownload file.

(doogs) #11


SHH! we’re trying to make it sound new and fresh! cmon people now join!