New Games List

Hi Guys,

I would like to make a new games list as a sticky (how?) and keep it up-to-date myself. Is this possible?

Also, I think the current sticky should be broken down into seperate threads for tutorials, games, etc and totally re-designed as I don’t like it’s format. We should have a list of games with a brief comment and a link to the designers site. I would be happy to do this and spend time maintaining it.

I beleive blender games are not getting the credit they deserve. For example, the author of HellStation (the best blender game IMHO) has a webpage full of information about the game but I had to dig very deep to find it!

Hi Drum. Your ideas sound good but maybe you should get in touch with blengine to see if he wants to pass the organizing over to you. He may be happy to as I don’t think he has much time to do it these days.


Sorry, a moderator has to do that part. :frowning: