New GE forums - speculation

I’d like to suggest we begin petitioning the admins for more GE forums. However, before we start making demands, we should have a fair idea of what we want. My suggestions:

  • Completed Games
  • Python and Resources (this would include tips about textures, sound, etc, as well as Python questions)
  • Beginner Questions
  • Advanced Questions

I have problems with beginner questions, advanced questions but I know a lot of people mention that. I would rather see it combined and have a games in progress section. Will a petition do anything, do you think? I wonder how much work it is to add new sections to something like this. Maybe more than we think.
You know, we complain about other sites like Gamedev not recognizing Blender as a game engine, but it’s kind of obvious Blender Artists doesn’t either. It’s this one glob section.

Completed Game Engine Projects (and only that, completed projects)
Game Engine Projects In Progress (Demo’s, Announcements, Help)
Game Engine Resources (Python and recources, templates, (no questions here)
Game engine Support (The place for questions and support)

lol it doesnt take 2 seconds to make a new fourm i know i have managed alot of forums as i own a BF2 clan and i have build the fourms on a number of occasions and let me tell you making more forums doesnt take much work at all clicking a few buttons writing in the name then save there done!

i think it would be cool to have:

  • Completed Games
  • Games In Progress
  • Questions
  • Python and ResourcesIf they dont do it we could easyily make our own forums, i have hosting that they could be hosted on.

Been there, done that:

I just asked for the “Finished games” section, but I still got back very little response.

out up a poll or something to get an idea of the interest?
I like the thought

There is a gameblender sight that I don’t show up enough at that has all these things: - Forum

i dont like that site :confused: as i said i have hosting (i use it to host my BF2 clan site etc…) so if you all wanted to we could make our own GAME BLENDER forums.

we could have them the way WE want. Just an option. :smiley:


This is an awesome idea. Maybe if there were people in a position of power who werent so “busy” all the time these changes (however small) could be implemented.

I don’t like the idea of some people migrating to another forum… Better to have everyone at one place.

I agree. We do need relevant subsections for the GE, but we should try to keep the community as centralized as possible.

Game Blender is ok, but it’s no blenderartists. If anything is to be done, it should be done here.

I agree it is also time to have sub sections. I find it hard to sift through all the posts looking for what intrests me. That is Finished Games and WIP. I found alot of specific question posts being made that would fit in a Game Engine Questions place. The poster is not really showing the game in a WIP type post, but usually just asking 1 simple question for 1 small thing in his or her game.

I am all for a Finished Game, W.I.P., and Game Engine Questions

I dont think a new python needs to be added. It may cause more confusion for people having two of those. I dont think it would harm to have them ask .py questions in the Engine Questions room…

my 2 cents.

I don’t like the idea of some people migrating to another forum… Better to have everyone at one place.

I think not having a finished game section is kind of a detriment to the community. They get buried and forgotten way too early for the length of time required to make one. I don’t think there is anything wrong with using the finished games/ work in progress games over there and the question section over here. Most people start using Blender as a modeler and then get interested in the game engine, so Blender Artists is actually the best place to congregate.

Aight then hows about someone PMs the admin?
or i can! :smiley:

Yeah I was just thinking that… Braveheart beat me to it :smiley:

Someone PM the Mods?